Defence Headquarters, Mbuya Barracks Face Eviction

Byengoma (R) says she is following up the claims by other individuals for Ministry of defence land

The Ministry of Defence could lose its headquarters and the property where Mbuya Barracks is located if officials do not remain vigilant and put up a spirited legal battle, abortion it has emerged.

ChimpReports understands that Ministry of Defence owns plot 32 summit view Kololo measuring 0.459 ha and has been occupying it for some time.

However, side effects the lease expired and the Ministry embarked on a process of renewing the lease.

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In the Auditor General’s (AG) report ending June 2015, approved it was discovered that “under unclear circumstances an individual has also lodged a claim on the same piece of land claiming that the land was allocated to him.”

The AG warned that, “There is a risk that if the Ministry does not act quickly, the land may be allocated to other people leading to litigation costs.”

The Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Rosemary Byengoma Accounting Officer confirmed that the property was claimed by an “individual who claims to have purchased it from another party.”

She, however, assured that the Ministry “is in full occupation of this land at Summit View Barracks” and that, “Kampala District Land Registry has been asked to effect the transfer of the land and have it registered under ULC with the current user being Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs.”

The AG insisted that Byengoma must “follow up the issue with the Land Registry to have the title in place.”

The Ministry of Defence owns different pieces of land especially in Kampala but a number of individuals have lodged claims with courts of law challenging the ownership of the said plots.

The contested pieces of land are Plot M198 FRU 439 Falio 24 Upper Mbuya measuring 4.845 ha; Lower Mbuya Lower Mbuya 7.9 acres; and Plot 404, 405, 406 block 9, Kyadondo (former Kiseka Hospital, 10.465 acres).

In response, Byengoma said the Ministry is making a follow up.

The latest follow up with the Inspector General of Police on 30th July 2016 on Upper Mbuya land indicated that the matter is still being handled by the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCIID), Grace Akullo who is yet to submit the report to the IGP.

As for Lower Mbuya, the Ministry contested the allocation of Ministry land by Uganda Land Commission and UPDF is still occupying the land in question.

Interestingly, Uganda Land Commission aware of the proceedings in the Court of Appeal on former Kiseka Hospital has again allocated the land to a private company by the registered name of YETU UGANDA LIMITED. The Ministry is yet to decide the next course of action.


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