Defeated Kabale Mayor Replaced as Head of Laity

Dr. Ruhemurana (R)  was recently voted out as Kabale Mayor

Kabale Diocese has elected Nichodemus Odomalu as its new head of laity, doctor replacing Dr Pius Ruhemurana, capsule the former Kabale Municipality Mayor  who has  for  the last 15 years been  the head of laity of the diocese.

Dr. Pius Ruhemurana recently lost his seat as Mayor of Kabale Municipality to his junior Sentaro Byamugisha.

Odomalu,  a Christian  from Christ  the King  Church   in Kabale  was elected  by the  Kabale  Diocesan  Synod that  sat  on  17th  May  2016  at the Diocese Headquarters   on   Rushoroza  Hill,  Kabale  Municipality .

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The diocesan meeting resolved and informed Dr Ruhemurana that he needed to step down and give way for a younger and more capable leader, who will be able to traverse the four districts of Kanungu, Rukungiri, Kisoro and Kabale. Ruhemurana obliged and immediately handed his office to Odomalu.

Msgr. Silverio Twinobusingye the Kabale Diocese Vicar General confirmed the elections of Odomalu as the new Kabale diocesan head of Laity.



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