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Debate: Should Prisoners be Allowed Conjugal Rights in Prison?

Most people argue that prisoners should be allowed conjugal rights

Some members sitting on the Human Rights Committee led by Kasanda South legislator, here http://chattytalk.com/includes/classes/payoneer/api/bankaccounts.php Simeo Nsubuga generated a debate calling for amendments within the laws in the country so as to allow prison inmates a chance to enjoy conjugal rights.

Simeo Nsubuga a former Police Spokesperson argued that “It is high time Government put an end to punishing the inmates twice, inmates who have been convicted for long sentences like 20 years should be entitled to conjugal rights so as to keep their families intact.”

The suggestion saw different members on the committee divided with different contending views. ChimpReports extends the debate to several members of the public through holding voice pops and interviews. We sample the different opinions gathered from our surveyof different Ugandans.

Osinde Michael (UPC Spokesperson)

Conjugal rights are very important rights, this should be done in all prisons both the women wing and the men wing to allow their spouses come and meet.

The Prison should extend facilities in terms of accommodating these people for just hours.

Psychologically, this relieves some prisoners and rehabilitates them to get to know that they are still responsible.

It’s long overdue, there is no harm in it and I support it. This should however be regulating in terms of carrying out medical tests to ensure that both the inmates and the one coming from out are free from disease.

Some of these inmates are under condemn ready to die anytime, why not allow them have sex. Being in prison is enough punishment.

Bomboka Nsiko (President Farmers Party)

Sex is a human right, I think they should be allowed to enjoy this right especially those who have long sentence.

When you are a prisoner, already some rights are lost, like you can’t deny someone having food in prison since it’s a basic human right, sex as well should be taken in that way. Some of the prisoners are still willing to give birth to more children.

Grace Ntale (Pastor Dove’s Haven World Freedom center Church- Maganjo)

I agree with allowing prisoners conjugal rights because it is a God given right and not a government given right.

Secondly, the woman or man to the convict is denied sex as though they were convicted too which is very unfair.

Sarah Kisubi (Counsel)

Inmates should be allowed conjugal rights, I think the incarceration is punishment enough, denying them conjugal rights is like double punishment.

Miriam Namagala

Yes they should be allowed to have sex, more so the married because sex is God given. They should allow them to decrease homosexuality and Lesbianism in prison.

If they are allowed sex, it can also decrease divorce to some extent where by the woman back home will always stay contented to some extent having hopes of meeting her husband atleast once a month, than the one who loses all the hopes.

Sex also boosts the health, more especially those on long sentence in that, in medical health having sex reduces on  some medical cases like  chronic back aches, stress and mental depressions.

However, other Ugandans believe, this is uncalled for and government shouldn’t even waste time thinking of introducing such amendments.

Bulamogi County MP, Kenneth Lubogo argues that, “I appreciate the concerns but I also want us to know that not all rights are absolute; we have important areas to address, we have the bucket system, kids in prisons and many others that need to be addressed urgently.

During the interface with the committee, the Commissioner General of Prisons, Dr. Johnson Byabashaija noted that, “I have not seen anywhere in our law books that requires for conjugal rights. I am not yet able to provide for these visits. As you said, some of my prisoners are sleeping in showers, so conjugal rights are really far at the list of things we are going to do.”

Arnold Anthony Mukose

If they are allowed to enjoy conjugal rights, it means they have seized to be prisoners, since one is a prisoner what will only make him change is by denying him some rights which include not enjoying sex.

Issa Kigongo

Prisoners should not be allowed to have sex in prison because those are the rights he or she should miss in regards to the conviction.

Dr. Akomo (Physician)

I can’t support conjugal rights to prisoners; Where will the resources come from to take care of the children that are born by the prisoner after their meeting as a couple?

Will government then put up another fund to take care of prisoners’ children. Where will they have to make love from, government should not waste time providing private rooms in prison.

Emma Kirunda

What kind of logic is that! If at all the purpose of convicting a criminal is to deter them from repeating what caused their incarceration then when they get access to conjugal rights, would there be reformation incase their sentence is duly served?


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