Deal With Murder, Commercial Cases Quickly – Museveni Tells  Judges  

Museveni launches the criminal justice bench book on Friday at Munyonyo. (Photo by Kenneth Kazibwe)

President Museveni has urged judges to always dispose of commercially related and murder cases faster than the others if the country is to develop as fast.

Speaking during the 19th Annual Judges Conference at Speke Resort Hotel in Munyonyo on Friday afternoon, cost Museveni said that among the many cases that the judges have on their tables, they ought to first deal with ones involving murder and a commercial element.

“Investors look at efficiency of the judicial system as one of the factors before investing in a country. Instead of hearing family matters for people who are tired of each other, why don’t you prioritize and concentrate on commercial cases,” Museveni urged.

“When you have land, commercial and murder cases, deal with them quickly.”

Museveni said that on many occasions, investors have been delayed by the cases in the courts of law that take a long time to end which he warned has on chased away potential developers of the country.

He further warned that a corrupt judicial system is a disincentive to investment, urging judges to desist from such practices that would chase away people who would help develop the economy.

On increased funding for the judiciary, Museveni said that government is willing to increase the budget for them but noted that  there still other things that ought to be dealt with before dealing with the judiciary.

“You must learn from us that we were able to liberate the country and also defend it against anyone. The country is entirely safe but this was because we had to improvise on some sectors.”

“The correct way of budgeting is being holistic and identifying the unavoidable sectors first and others come later.This does not mean others are not important but we can’t deal with them at the same time,” Museveni argued.

Earlier, the Chief Justice had asked the President for increased funding of the judiciary not only in terms of salaries but also resources to help them do their work easily and quickly.

Katureebe asked Museveni that all Magistrates be given vehicles to help them move to difficult to reach areas so as to be able to solve the land cases.

The 4 day 19th Annual Judges Conference that started yesterday will climax on January 29 at the Speke Resort  Hotel in Munyonyo.


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