CSO’s Want Handshake Beneficiaries Sacked, Prosecuted, Forced to Refund

URA Commissioner General Doris Akol appearing recently before COSASE.

Members of the Civil Society Organizations have called for the beneficiaries of the infamous Shs 6bn Presidential Handshake beneficiaries to return the money, prostate be removed from their offices and prosecuted.

On Tuesday, viagra 100mg a number of organizations including the CSO Coalition on Oil and Gas in Uganda, Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE), National Taxpayers Protection Organization (NTPO) and others appeared before the Parliamentary committee investigating the matter.

According to the President of NTPO, Joseph Kasibante, the handshake was a “smart scheme” to steal taxpayer’s money since there was no shaking of hands but transfer of funds.

“It’s our balanced judgment that the Shs 6billion codenamed the ‘Presidential handshake’ paid to the handpicked individuals under the guise that they won the Uganda Government case Vs Tullow Oil company which was not the case, was a smart scheme to embezzle taxpayers money,” Mr. Kasibante said.

He noted that the beneficiaries failed to adhere to the Leadership Code of Conduct which is enshrined in the country’s Constitution.

“Leaders who had a hand in the handshake failed to ensure the promotion of honesty, probity, impartiality and integrity.”

They asked the committee on Commissions, Statutory and State Enterprises (COSASE) to order for the refund of the money.

“COSASE should without delay order them (handshake beneficiaries) to return the taxpayers’ money and advise the appointing authority to terminate their appointments.”

President Museveni is expected soon to face MPs investigating the matter.

CSOs also want the ministers who failed to advise the President to be held accountable for breach of oath they sworn.

Other officials from the CSO were Chairperson, Coalition for Oil and Gas, Irene Cekyana, National Coordinator Gerald Byarugaba, ACODE’s Head of Oil Governance and Research, Sebastano Rwengabo and others.


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