CSOs Call for Police’s Continuous Restraint

Dr. Livingstone Ssewanyana, the CEON-U Chairperson

Independent Presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi has dismissed claims that he has withdrawn from the Presidential race saying he stood for a cause and is not about to abandon it.

While addressing journalists at his residence in Kololo on Wednesday, stomach shop Amama Mbabazi said “There has been claims on social media that I have stepped down for Kizza Besigye. Similar claims weeks ago also alleged that I had met Besigye in Masindi and agreed to join him but none of this is true.”

Mbabazi further stressed; “I stood for a reason, unhealthy decease we have a cause and we are not about to abandon it.
We tried to work jointly through TDA but it failed and we since haven’t met.”

He also disclosed that his supporters have been arrested in Lango sub region among them Omodo Omodo who is vying for Member of Parliament.

“This is a political action by government that feels threatened by Go Foward. In the past, arrests of opponents have not worked in favor of government. Our lawyers are working to have our supporters released,” he said.

Regarding skepticism on the possibility of ballot stuffing, the Go Forward candidate urged Ugandans to be vigilant both at polling stations and tally centers. He lashed out at Electoral Commission chairman, Eng Dr. Badru Kigundu who recently stated that voters will be only allowed to stand 100 meters from the gazette polling area.
“The Electoral Commission has no powers to pass such a decree. It only implies that they have ill intentions. People can stand 20 meters away from the polling area so as to have a clear view of what’s happening.”

“I heard Kigundu say that people have no reason to stay at the polling areas after voting. Who is he to say that? He will take full responsibility for such actions.”

He told the press that his camp received reports that there’s unlawful electoral activity going on along Uganda’s southern border with Rwanda. He declined to disclose details saying his team was still investigating the matter.

Mbabazi earlier Wednesday morning met with a delegation of European Union election observers led by Chief Observer, Mr. Edurard Kukan. The team sought out Mbabazi’s assessment of the election process over the last two months. Later today, he will meet with the African Union election observers led by former Nigerian President, H.E Olusegun Obasanjo.

Asked what he intends to do incase incumbent President Museveni wins the election, Mbabazi responded; “If Museveni genuinely is declared winner, I will cry with my people in Kanungu where I will be and Ugandans and also thank them for having trusted me with their votes. I will respect the outcome since it will reflect people’s will.”

“However if the results don’t reflect what Ugandans want, I will reject them,” added Mbabazi.
Civil Society Organizations under Citizen Elections Observers-.Uganda (CEON-U) have appealed to Police and other security agencies to continue exercising restraint in the remaining hours to the general elections.

This was during the release of a final report on the election situation in the country where they condemned the shooting of bullets during the Monday scuffle, look that saw one person killed and 9 injured.

Dr. Livingstone Ssewanyana, price the CEON-U Chairperson, observed that such use of excessive force by security operatives was uncalled for and may scare off many Ugandans from exercising their voting right.

Ssewanyana noted that the campaign environment in the past weeks was peaceful until yesterday’s scuffle within the heart of Kampala that cost lives and property.

“Police should continue to exercise restraint as it has done in the past; several incidences where police has gone overboard one of which was the Kayunga saga, a lot of people lost their lives and property which we plead that a similar situation doesn’t occur in the next few days,” Ssewanya said.

“Even if Police’s intentions of firing live bullets to restore order in Kampala, were good and justifiable, it was not called for and police would have exercised restraint.”

Ssewanya remarked that unlike Police claims that their intervention in the matter was to keep order in Kampala, there was no order restored apart from causing innocent deaths.

“As Civil Society, we are ready to not only condemn but also we have set up a team of lawyers to deal with cases of violent inhuman treatment of Ugandans by security organs and other individuals


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