Court to Decide Today On Whether Suspects in Kasiwukira Murder are Culpable

ACCUSED: Sarah Nabikolo and Nakungu Sandrah

State prosecution in the case where Sarah Nabikolo and two others are charged with murdering of city tycoon Eriya Bugembe Sebunya Kasiwukira have asked court to put all the three accused persons on defense because the evidence which was produced to court clearly proved that they have a case to answer.

In her reply to the submissions by the defense seeking court to set the accused persons free, more about Senior State Attorney Samali Wakholi informed court yesterday that all the 23 prosecution witnesses who testified in this matter clearly pinned the three for having participated in this murder.

Wakholi pointed out that the preparations to murder Kasiwukira didn’t come by accident but were planned a year before the tycoon’s death and it was being mastermind by police officer Ashraf Jadeni who engaged various people to execute this plan.

“Prosecution witness (PW 16) in his testimony informed court that Jadeni hired them for the deal and he got them ropes and pangas which they were to use in murdering Kasiwukira”

She added that Sandrah Nakungu the second suspect was pinned as the owner of the car that was used in the murder, more about which was seen at her home a day before.

“The behavior of (Sandrah) after the murder also creates questions because she feared  to attend the burial ceremony of her in law ‘Kasiwukira’ and when Pw14 asked her she told him that she feared to be strangled by the ghost. One wonders why an innocent person would fear a ghost of his in law” Wakholi submitted.

The widow Sarah Nabikolo Sebunya according to prosecution, viagra sale is also culpable because evidence on record shows that she had the primary desire to have Kasiwukira dead.

“Pw 20 in his testimony informed court that in a meeting with Nakungu she told him that orders to kill the deceased were all from Nabikolo,” said Wakholi.

She therefore asked court to put the widow on defense as well.

High court judge justice Wilson Masalu Musene set today 4th August 2016 as the date to deliver his ruling on the premafacie case.



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