Court Sets Date For Assessors’ Opinion In Kasiwukira’s Case

The suspects leave court on Thursday

High court judge Justice Wilson Masalu Musene has set Wednesday 28th September for the hearing of the assessors’ opinion in the case where three people are charged with murder of businessman Eriya Bugembe Sebunya Kasiwukira.

The state prosecution this afternoon had asked court to convict the three accused people Sarah Nabikolo Sebunya (widow) , sick Sandra Nakungu (her sister) and Ashraf Jadeni a police officer, on the basis of the evidence which was brought to court, most of which went unchallenged.

In reply, the defense counsels dismissed state’s submissions which they labeled weak.

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Mac Dsusman Kabega who is representing the widow stressed that the alleged domestic misunderstandings which state claim were the cause of the murder had long been resolved by the couple, and that they were living happily.

Kabega also faulted the state for failing to bring in court key witnesses who were mentioned by almost every witness.  He noted that Prosecution witnesses 6, 14 and 13 all said they made a number of reports to LC1 Chairman of Muyenga but he was not called to testify in court.

The defense lawyer also pointed out that prosecution failed to bring in court telephone printouts for the communication between the deceased and one Kimansuule through which he alleges that they used to communicate.

Counsel Rwakafuzi who is defending policeman Ashraf Jadeni supported Jadeni’s maintained that his client didn’t know the Late Kasiwukira.

He added that his client was forced to make statements at Police through torture. At this point, the state prosecutors objected, demanding that that the suspect removes his shirt to show the scars to the court.



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