Court Set to Hear Petition Against Sematimba Victory

Peter Sematimba

High Court Judge Justice Lydia Mugambe has set Tuesday 11th May for hearing of an application in which Stephen Sekigozi, sick one of the contestants in the last Busiro South Parliamentary elections is challenging the victory of Peter Sematimba as the area MP elect.

The Judge also ordered all the respondents including Peter Sematimba, treatment the Electoral commission and the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) to turn up in court on the date for hearing of the case and cross examinations.

In this application, drugs Sekigozi through his lawyer Rashid Semmambo wants NCHE to ascertain whether the academic qualifications of Sematimba for which he was cleared to stand were valid.

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He is also seeking the EC to explain whether it acted in compliance with electoral laws and whether the non-compliance affected the results in a substantial manner.

The respondents’ lawyers include Brian Kabayiza for NCHE, Faridah Bukirwa, Fionah Kuniyira for Electoral Commission and Akullo Babra plus Kimala Anold for Sematimba.

Hearing of all election petitions are scheduled to commence next week and are to be handled by  over 100 judges



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