Court Discharges Woman Who Accused Fr Kibuuka of Sexual Abuse

Buganda Road Court chief Magistrate Jamson Karemani has set free Winnie Natongo who has been facing charges of lying to Police about Father Jacinto Kibuuka, doctor who she accused of abusing her sexually.

On March 4th 2016 Nantongo was charged by the same magistrate for giving police false information about the Man of God.

In January and February this year at the Kampala Central Police Station, more about Nantongo reportedly told an investigating officer, a one Odur Dennis that Fr Kibuuka was threatening her after she exposed their love affair.

This information according to prosecution, wasted a lot of police’s time.

The magistrate however, was today asked by State Prosecutor Jonathan Muwaganya to release the accused as state had lost interest in the case.

“I have instructions from the DPP to withdraw the charges and have the accused person set free,” Muwaganya told court.

After checking the letter from the DPP, the magistrate discharged Nantongo with sarcastic comments, “I can inform you that the powers of your cross have worked, you are now a free woman.”


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