Court Orders Fresh Hearing Of Kibale County Elections Petition


Three judges of the Court of Appeal, this Remmy Kasule, purchase Egonda Ntende and Alfonse Owiny Dollo  have ordered Fort Portal High court to conduct  a re-trial of the Election Petition filed against Kibale County MP in Kamwenge District, health Abigaba Cuthbert Mirembe and the Electoral Commission.

Birungi James Ozo who contested with Abigaba challenged in High Court the results on which the Electoral Commission had based on to declare Abigaba the winner.

This petition was however, dismissed by the trial Judge Elizabeth Kabanda on grounds that it was poorly filed in respect to evidence supporting it; and that the electoral offences and malpractices Birungi accused Abigaba of committing were not cited in detail.

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But Birungi was dissatisfied with the ruling and preceded to the appellant court where the judges today ruled in his favor ordering a fresh hearing.

Basing on the work load before them, however, the judges did not read out the details of their judgement.



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