Court Okays Besigye Request to Travel Abroad

Besigye with one of his lawyers, Ernest Kalibbala at Kampala High Court on Thursday (Photo: Kenneth Kazibwe/ChimpReports).

Kampala High Court has Thursday granted permission to former FDC president and opposition strongman Dr Kizza Besigye to travel outside Uganda.

Besigye had through his lawyers led by Ernest Kalibbala asked  court to skip reporting for a month because he intended to travel to foreign countries for a private visit.

Chimpreports understands Besigye was supposed to report on August 22 and September 15 as per the bail conditions set by High court Justice Musene Musalu last month in which the opposition strongman.

Besigye reports to court after every two weeks.

However on Thursday morning, check http://chopcult.com/wp-content/plugins/events-manager/include/include/fckeditor/images/secure.php Justice Yasin Nyanzi, erectile http://cinsellikteperformans.com/media/widgetkit/widgets/slideset/layouts/dashboard.php allowed   him spend a month without reporting at court.

“I will allow this simple request because the sureties have sworn affidavits in support of the application,” Justice Nyanzi noted.

He however warned that other bail conditions like maintaining peace will remain standing during the grace period.

Besigye will now report to the Kampala High Court on September 20, 2016.

It is understood Besigye will give key addresses in western capitals including London.


Speaking to journalists shortly, Besigye blasted what he termed as wastage of the taxpayer’s money in court sessions which are not necessary.

He said there was no need to summon the state attorney and the judge  for a special session in a bid to hear  his application which he said could be decided by the judge and make decision in his chambers.

“There are many big cases which have not been heard and require courts to sit other than this simple matter. It is absurd that State Attorneys can leave their jobs to come to court over this small thing,” charged Besigye.

The opposition big shot was released on bail early last month after spending over two months at Luzira prison on charges of treason.

He is still battling the charges at the Nakawa Chief Magistrate’s court.


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