Court of Appeal Upholds Jimmy Akena as UPC President

Jimmy Akena was yesterday upheld as the UPC President elect

The Court of Appeal’s Justice Steven Kavuma has Friday ruled upholding Lira Municipality MP, treatment http://context-beermann.de/templates/context_beermann/warp/systems/joomla/layouts/com_weblinks/category/default_children.php James Michael Akena as the legally standing Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) party president against an earlier ruling that disqualified his election as party president.

The High Court’s Justice Yasin Nyanzi had on December 23, troche 2015 ruled that the election of Akena as UPC president was illegal and quashed it by issuance of an order of certiorari. This fell in favor of the faction led by Joseph Bossa a former Vice President to Dr. Olara Otunnu.

Yanzi further declared that the election of Akena as president of UPC by the Delegates conference was illegal, viagra void and of no legal consequences for violating the UPC Constitution.

Akena appealed the ruling and it has been dragging before Court pending determination which was made yesterday.

In court on Friday, Bossa who was represented by his lawyers questioned why the ruling was to be determined differing from the earlier communication of Monday.

“My Lord I received a call from this Court earlier telling me that the case was to be determined on Monday only to be called again that it is happening today; I don’t know if it’s the same ruling or this is different,” Bossa’s lawyers Julius Galisonga sought an explanation from Justice Kavuma.

Kavuma replied, “Fixing the case on Monday was an error, Court realized that the extraordinary meeting (organized by Bossa) is taking place tomorrow Saturday; and decided that it is imperative that the ruling is delivered so that the outcome may not be rendered nugatory.”

In his ruling, Kavuma granted an interim order staying the execution and or implementation of all the High Court orders which were granted under the Miscellaneous Cause No. 00086/2015 which had nullified Akena’s presidency.

The ruling restrained Bossa and his team from interfering in the activities and exercise of authorities or power of UPC and its leadership under Akena.

In his ruling, Kavuma ordered for the defreezing of the party bank accounts under Orient Bank with or without naming signatories thereto to enable effective management and run of affairs of the party.

The ruling was however contested by Bossa who questioned the independence of Court under Justice Kavuma.

“Kavuma was bribed, the order does not make any sense at all,” Bossa said after Court ruling.

On whether they will continue to hold the National Council meeting tomorrow as planned, Bossa said, “I don’t think we shall be convening.”


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