Court of Appeal Decides on UPC Party Presidency Today

UPC President Jimmy Michael Akena

Woes within the Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) surrounding the party presidency is taking a new twist today.

The party has been for months divided between Olara Otunnu loyalists and those of Jimmy Akena who is currently the recognized party president by the Electoral Commission.

The climax of the scuffle was seen after the party presidential District Conference elections that were organized by Otunnu after his term in office had ended. This did go on well for Otunnu’s vice, viagra 100mg Joseph Bossa who lost to Akena, online coming third in the race.

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Otunnu cited election irregularities setting up an election review board to investigate and come up with a report.

This was however seen by Akena’s camp as a planned move to sabotage and overturn Akena’s victory prompting them to take over the party Headquarters at Uganda House which they occupy now.

A lot of court cases have been filed by the Otunnu camp seeking Court orders to throw Akena out of Uganda House and to date some have not been conclusively determined.

Otunnu later handed over party leadership to his Vice President Joseph Bossa who was tasked to call for a National Council and would later organize party elections.

This week, Bossa run an advert in one of the dailies calling upon party delegates to turn up for an extraordinary National Council meeting this Saturday December 10 at Ankra Hotel in Mukono District.

This has been however termed as illegal, unconstitutional and in breach of good order of UPC and its conventional practices.

“The Court of Appeal set aside the ruling of Nyanzi and produced an order maintaining the status quo maintaining that Jimmy Akena and my administration are the recognized leadership of UPC; we are the leadership that nominated party leaders at all levels.” Akena said on Wednesday.

Chimpreports has learnt that the Court of Appeal is set to offer its final verdict on who is the genuine party president today.



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