Court Martial Frees Two Senior UPDF Officials

Makindye General Court Martial Chairman Gen Levi Karuhanga

David Martin Aliker, more about a philanthropist and human rights activist has joined the race for Gulu Mayor in the 2016 elections.

Aliker said he would run on the FDC ticket.

“Friends, illness after a long observation and deep reflections, I have decided to join this race in bringing in new ideas as new Gulu Mayor, but most importantly competence in the office of the Mayor,” he said in a press statement sent to ChimpReports.

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“We envision Gulu to be a leading agribusiness hub of not only Uganda but nearby border countries like South Sudan and DR Congo.”

Aliker, who has played a key role in supporting the vulnerable, expressed hope that Gulu can restore quality leadership in its governance to inspire the post war youths and the lost generation born in Internally Displaced Camps(IDPs).

He said the youth who lack meaningful education and skills but have migrated to centres in the municipality need support to transform their lives.

“It’s this human resource that can spur our town as the nation’s leading commercial city and food basket,” assured Aliker, who graduated with a Master of Arts in Peace and Justice Studies of University of San Diego, California, USA,

Aliker further said once elected, he would deal with the challenges that come with rapid growth in Gulu such as unemployment,  urban poverty, alcoholism, drug abuse,  increasing prostitution and  street children.

“Gulu town needs a leadership that can understand and conceptualize its current urban development challenges. Our idea is to engage government and other international development partners to address these vices by lobbying for interventions for enterprise development,” he assured.

Aliker also vowed to tackle widespread corruption and fix gaps in the education and health systems in Gulu.

The youthful activist won a full scholarship with Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies at San Diego Universit, U.S. where he excelled and expects to create linkages with San Diego City.

He was a student intern at the Institute of Peace and Justice (University of San Diego in 2010 where he researched about peace and conflict concerns in Kenya and developed monitoring and evaluation system to deal with conflict.

Aliker further served as the Education Officer, Invisible Children Uganda in Gulu.

Earlier, having a acquired a degree in Education from Makerere University, Aliker taught at St. Lawrence Citizens’ High School in Kampala where he was the head of Economics Department.
The Makindye General Court Martial has freed Lt Stephen Nkundizanye, prescription who was serving an 8 month jail term having been convicted with conduct prejudicial to good order by the Kabamba Barracks Unit Disciplinary Committee (UDC) in June.

The Court Martial Chaired by Gen Levi Karuhanga ruled that the disciplinary committee violated Regulation 13 of the UPDF Rules of procedure which provides the accused a right to object to any court member basing on his reasons.

Lt Nkundizanye on June 10th 2015 was sentenced to eight months in prison by Barracks Disciplinary Committee (UDC) on facts that in the previous month, approved during a military training named “Basin Route” he broke away from the rest of the trainees, sickness contrary to the exercise rules.

On appeal, the General Court Martial ruled in his favor, upholding his claims that he was not accorded a fair trial.

Nkundizanye rejected the trail saying that he never expected justice from the committee, having appeared before it some time back.

Chairman Karuhanga quashed the Committee’s sentence and freed the Lutenant.

Meanwhile the same Court Martial released another UPDF Officer Major Livingstone Matovu, who was sentenced to two years imprisonment and dismissed from the army after being convicted of theft and procuring execution documents by false pretense when he was still part of the AMISOM troops in Somalia.

Matovu appealed to the Court Martial opposing the sentence on several grounds which court examined and decided to free him.

Matovu stated that the AMISOM Battle Group xv disciplinary committee sitting in Somalia denied him his constitutional right of fair representation when it failed to grant him ample time to get a lawyer from Uganda to represent him in court.

He also noted that the trial court refused to replace one of its members, Warrant Officer Kataibu Ayubu who had participated in his arrest and had some of the exhibits at his home.

He was also not contented with the two years imprisonment and dismissal from the army despite of the
mitigation he made to court.

In his ruling, the Court Martial chairman Maj .Gen Levi Karuhanga noted that the trial court erred in law when it denied the accused the right to a fair representation and thus quashing the conviction resulting to nullification of all sentences.

“We accordingly disregard the trial court prosecution sentence aggravating factors but still find the two year sentence was under circumstances appropriate,” added Karuhanga


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