Court Martial Delays Gen Sejusa Aide’s Judgement

Some of the accused in court today

Makindye General Court Martial has postponed the date for pronouncing its judgment in a case where six former Gen David Sejusa’s aides including two junior officers from the Special Forces command are facing treason charges, cheapest aiding and abetting in recruiting soldiers to overthrow the government.

The six accused persons are Lance Corporal Nasasira Grace, buy information pills Lance Corporal Karuhanga charged with treachery while Private Ninsiima Frank, Nayebare James, Nuwagaba Moses and Twinamatsiko Abel are charged with aiding and abetting to treachery.

Dissimilar in the previous court sessions, today the court house was filled to capacity by the relatives and friends of the accused eager to receive the judgment.

Judge Advocate Lt Col Gideon Katinda however, informed court that the judgment was not ready and asked for more time.

Defense counsel David Mushabe didn’t protest this request but asked court to ensure that at least the case is fixed before next week’s general elections so that his clients once not convicted may have a chance to participate as any other citizen.

The Court Martial Chairman Major General Levi Karuhanga set the 16th of February as the new date to deliver the judgment.


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