Court Dismisses Land Commissioners’ Application

Sarah Kulata,

All is not well for Sarah Kulata, diagnosis the interdicted commissioner for Land Registration in the Ministry of lands.

The High Court in Kampala yesterday dismissed an application filed by the commissioner, in which she sought orders to halt an investigation by a committee instituted to look into her alleged fraud and corruption.

Kulata contends that the said committee is acting on the disputed recommendations contained in a report made by the UNRA commission of inquiry, which commission she accuses of breaching principles of natural justice.

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Presiding Judge Henrietta Wolayo ruled that  she could not stop the disciplinary proceedings against Kulata as part of it is based on the 44 complaints registered  by the IGG from the public other than the whole UNRA report of inquiry.

Justice Wolayo also ruled that the law provides Kulata with an avenue within which she can challenge the outcome of the disciplinary committee in case she disagrees with the findings.

Kulata claims that the committee instituted to investigate her cannot  purport to use the UNRA report which  she is challenging before the High court on grounds that the commission first called  her as a witness and then turned  around to  make a report recommending that she is  investigated for fraud in the Lands registry.


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