Court Condemns Police Violation of Lukwago’s Rights

Erias Lukwago

Makindye Grade one magistrate Benson Ssemondo has referred the proceedings of the case where Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and 25 others are accused of disobeying lawful orders, dosage to High Court for interpretation of the questions of law which were raised in this matter by both the state and the defense sides.

Earlier, information pills the defense led by Council Medard Ssegona asked court to rule on a number of issues that included violation of person and property rights of Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, capsule whose home had been sealed off by Police officers.

The defense also challenged the charge sheet on which the accused were charged saying that it was not detailed.

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In his ruling on the matter concerning the violation of Lukwago’s rights, the magistrate remarked that all human beings have a right to enjoy fundamental human rights equally, regardless of their status, adding that courts of law have a duty to ensure that people’s rights are preserved.

“I therefore condemn all unlawful behavior done to A1 (Lukwago) and his property by all those in authority; it’s bad to abuse people’s powers by the people who are in power,” Semondo ruled.

However the magistrate declined to give his ruling on the other matters which had been raised and refereed to Article 206 of Magistrates Court Act, which mandates him to apply to High Court for interpretation when a point of law arises.

“At this juncture court can’t exercise its discretion in this case on whether the charge sheet is defective before the opinion of the high court is obtained.”

In the meantime the cases will continued to be mentioned in court starting from 13th July, pending the High court’s decision regarding this matter.

Prosecution alleges that on 3rd May 2016 Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, Pastor Happy Ngabo, Dr Stella Nyanzi and 23 others while at FDC Party Head quarters located at Najjanakumbi Kampala district disobeyed lawful orders against the interim order issued by deputy chief justice Stephen Kavuma banning Defiance campaigns of FDC

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