Court Bailiffs Raid Uchumi Main Branch

Court Bailiffs grabbed merchandise from the Supermarket to recover money it owes to Uga Chick Poultry Breeders

Following the peace agreement signed in August in Addis Ababa by South Sudan’s warring factions, medicine see the Permanent Secretary in the Ugandan Foreign Affairs Ministry, buy more about Amb. James Mugume has Monday afternoon announced that UPDF is now withdrawing from war-torn country.

“Accordingly, visit this in compliance with the agreement, Ugandan today announces the beginning of the withdrawal of the UPDF from South Sudan,” Amb. Mugume told journalists on Monday afternoon at the Uganda Media Centre in Kampala.

“As one of the guarantors of the Addis Ababa peace agreement on the resolution of the conflict in South Sudan that requires security actors allied to either party in the conflict to withdraw from the country within 45 days, we have with immediate effect started doing so.”

ChimpReports exclusively broke the news of the planned UPDF evacuation today morning.

According to the UPDF Chief of the Defence Forces, Gen Katumba Wamala, UPDF have finalized withdrawal preparations and within the shortest time possible the troops whose number ranges from between 2,000 to 3,000 will be leaving the youngest African nation.

“It’s true the boys are coming home and the Chief of Staff Land Forces is in Juba working out modalities and arrangements of withdrawing from the Sudanese soil,” said Gen Katumba.

UPDF Deployment a Blessing to South Sudan

According to Ambassador Mugume, the deployment in South Sudan after the war broke out in December 2013 was of great benefit to both the country and the region at large.

“It helped stop what was likely to be the worst genocide in the region. Although thousands had already been massacred in the town of Bor, our intervention and the subsequent capture of the town halted the massacres,” the Permanent Secretary at the Ugandan Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

He said the timely deployment enabled the evacuation of thousands Ugandans and foreigners who were trapped in the conflict, stressing that the move was strategic in bringing about peace and maintenance of thriving trade relations within the region.

Amb Mugume says UPDF left a clean record in South Sudan

Amb Mugume says UPDF left a clean record in South Sudan

“We were able to secure the Juba airport and other strategic installations as well as guarantying safety of entry and exit for foreigners and nationals alike.  This has ensured that South Sudan remains linked to the region and the wider international community.”

At the same press briefing, Gen Katumba Wamala said the army’s deployment and later withdrawal has left a big landmark especially among the people of South Sudan whom he said have appreciated the role played by the Ugandan army in fostering peace and stability there.

“We have left no legal baggage behind us after leaving a good name as a force that has been there for more than a year,” he said.

He however pointed out that withdrawing from South Sudan will be gradual considering the army has not been just forced out of the country but was willing to leave.

“It’s not running away but organized withdrawal and being able to hand over the mantle to the government of South Sudan. We think things will be able to hold and the situation returns to normal but we will be willing to help in case we are asked to give in some support.”

On the losses incurred since they deployed in South Sudan, Katumba said Uganda lost only 9 soldiers in December during their confrontation with the Machar troops who were retreating from Bor.

“There was no extra expenditure as the soldiers received facilities including food and salaries as they would be here in Uganda and no more cost. For the fuel used, we had an agreement where the South Sudan government was catering for that.”

However, in the 2015/16 Budget, Ministry of Defense was allocated Shs 16.5bn additional fund for South Sudan operation.

Gen. Katumba said that all their units –  infantry, armoury, and artillery were being withdrawn from South Sudan.

Additional reporting by Dickens Okello Honeywell
Uchumi Supermarket could be closing business at their main Garden City Branch in Kampala, and following a raid by court bailiffs, healing for nonpayment of debts.

A number of suppliers claim that the company has failed to pay for their products for months.

The Supermarket in August, ampoule was dragged before the Commercial Court for nonpayment of over 185 million shillings for dressed chicken supplied to its various branches in Kampala, by Uga Chick poultry breeders.

According to Uga Chick executive director Aga Sekalala, the chicken was supplied between March and July this year on a credit understanding but the supermarket refused to pay for it thus occasioning loss to his business.

Having failed to make any response in regard to the case,or make efforts to clear up the debt, Court bailiffs were this afternoon unleashed at the Garden City branch.

These are said to have ransacked the shelves and grabbed piles of merchandise. Eyewitnesses say the bailiffs seized anything valuable from the store from which the said money could be recovered.

Later on, other suppliers reportedly arrived at the store and demanded to be allowed by police to seize their own goods before it closes down.

The struggling supermarket, which also owes power suppliers Umeme up to Shs 70 million, a week ago, fired more than 180 workers before closing down two branches in Kampala.

The workers at the Nateete and Kabalagala branches were reportedly asked to go on leave for 21 days and wait for communication from the head office in Nairobi.

The workers told media that they had not been paid their wages for the previous month.

Last year the chain store management closed off the Freedom City branch, saying it had not performed to expectations because of poor location.


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