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Court Assessors: Convict Widow Nabikolo for Murdering Kasiwukira

Sandra Nakungu and the widow Sarah Nabikolo in court on Friday (Photos: Michael Nteza/ChimpReports)

Two court assessors have asked High Court Justice Wilson Masalu Musene to convict Sarah Nabikolo for murdering her husband Eriya Bugembe Sebunya alias Kasiwukira.

Joseph Wasibi and John Musana said court should as well convict police officer Ashraf Jadeni and Sandra Nakungu (Nabikolo’s sister) on the same charge for working closely with the deceased’s widow to take the Kampala businessman’s life.

The assessors concentrated on only the fourth ingredient of whether it was the accused persons that committed the offence because the other grounds like whether there was death which was unlawful were not in contention.

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Regarding the involvement of Nabikolo in the murder, order the assessors pointed out that her conduct in the wake of Kasiwukira’s death of husband shows no concern to find out what killed her caring husband which bore hallmarks of guilt.

“Nabikolo in her defense denied knowing Ashraf Jadeni, viagra approved a long term boyfriend of her sister Nakungu which is so strange. Alex Adwenya in the video that was presented to court was seen pinning Nabikolo whom she referred to as Madam for showing her a convenient place at their home to use while executing the murder, ” Musana pointed out.

The assessors said this left no doubt that Nabikolo was working with all the other two persons to murder Kasiwukira.

In regarding to Jadeni’s complicity, the assessors based on evidence of prosecution witnesses Awiyo and Alex Adonyo who presented corroborative information showing he attempted to hire people to kill Kasiwukira.

They further stated that the video clip in which Adwenya was seen pinning Jadeni for hiring him to kill Kasiwukira was never challenged.

“From the above, we are contented the prosecution evidence has clearly brought the accused person to the scene of crime,” Musana submitted.

Killer car

On the evidence pinning Nakungu, assessors relied on prosecution witness Gabriel Kwetegesa and Lawrence Bengo, a motor vehicle mechanic who repaired the killer vehicle Mitsubishi UAE 018A.

Kwetegesa informed court that a few days before October 16 when Kasiwukira died, they had agreed to meet with Nakungu for a trip to Kamengo but the businessman’s wife did not show up.

“I tried to call her but her phones were off. She surfaced after three days and used different lines to communicate to me,” said Kwetegesa.

Ashraf Jadeni (in white stripped shirt) arriving at court today

Ashraf Jadeni (in white stripped shirt) arriving at court today

John Bosco Kimansule, a boda boda rider also had informed court that after the incident Nakungu asked him to take her to town to buy new sim-cards because she suspected police would arrest her over matters regarding her husband’s murder.

“We are satisfied that the prosecution has proved all the ingredients of murder and participation of all the three in the murder and we therefore advise this court to find the accused persons guilty and convict them,” said the assessors.

The accused were visibly shaken by this independent opinion. The judge can choose to rely on or ignore the assessor’s views.

Prosecution alleges that on October 17, the trio and three others at large at Diplomatic Zone Muyenga murdered Kasiwukira.

The tycoon was jogging along the street in the leafy Kampala suburb when a car rammed over him.

He died instantly, just metres away from his posh residence.

Justice Musene set October 12 as the date for delivering his judgment before further remanding the suspects to Luzira Prison.


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