Convicted Kampala Bomber Handed Over to Police to Start Community Service

Luyima recieves the community service uniform

Luzira prison authorities have on Tuesday morning handed over Muzafaru Luyima who was convicted of being an accessory in the Lugogo 2010 twin blasts to police to start his community service punishment.

The trial Judge Alphonse Owiny-Dollo convicted and sentenced Luyima to one year community service in his area of residence for being an accessory in a terror act.

According to evidence  produced by the prosecution side, advice Muzafaru was accused of helping his brothers Issa and  Hassan Haruna Luyima to run into hiding after being involved in the July 11, 2010 blasts.

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On Tuesday morning, the prison authorities presented Muzafaru to the Kampala High Court Criminal division deputy registrar Mary Kayinza, who later handed him over to the Katwe Police DPC Emmanuel Abwangu.

The convict being taken through orientation lessons

The convict being taken through orientation lessons

Others present were Namasuba Para zone LCI chairman Farouk Kigongo and officials from the internal Affairs Community Services Order Management.

In an interview with Chimpreports, the area local council chairman said that they were happy to receive Muzafaru Luyima whom he described as a good resident and that they would be overseeing him do his community service.

“He never had any bad record before he was arrested. The residents will be welcoming   him as their own and help him finish his sentence,” Kigongo told this website.

Luyima being handed over to Namasuba Para Zone LC1 chairman

Luyima being handed over to Namasuba Para Zone LC1 chairman

“He will be engaged in cleaning water sources, trenches and sweeping of the roads in our area until the one year sentence of community service ends.”

Officials from the community services order management said they would be part of the team that would supervise the convict do the punishment and later tender in a report to court over the same.

 Luyima Speaks Out

In an interview with Chimpreports, the convict Muzafaru Luyima said he was happy with the sentence which he described as fair adding that though he expected to be acquitted, he would adhere with the court decision.

“I know I lost a lot while in prison but the fact that I am still alive is enough and I thank God for that. I will serve the punishment given to me by court to the end,” he told this website.

On July 11, 2010, suspected Al Shabaab operatives detonated bombs at Lugogo rugby grounds and Ethiopian village restaurant that killed over 70 people who were watching the world cup finals.

Last month, the High Court in Kampala convicted 7 people of masterminding the deadly attack, sentencing 5 to life imprisonment whereas 2 were given 50 year punishments.



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