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Confusion as Hope Mwesigye Invades Fellow Candidate’s Rally

League debutants JMC Hippos held giants SC Villa to a barren draw in a tightly contested and physical affair played at the Kakindu stadium in Jinja on Saturday evening.

The minnows pulled the Jogoos to the extreme from the onset with very well calculated and coordinated counterattacks only to waste the chances in the final third.

First half action
Villa’s Mike Sserumaga and Robert Achema rolled the game at exactly 4:00 pm launching the first attack on the hosts goal. Umar Kasumba wasted the chance just inside the first minute picking a well calculated splitting pass from Ambrose Kirya’s successful dribble before beating his marker blast the ball over the bar with the keeper already beaten.

The hosts quickly re-started the game on the right flank where Asuman Bajjampola raced to reduce the distance before he curled in a beautiful cross to find Wandyaka. The captain raised above all and thumped a header to the lower right post but to his dismay, medications http://cqaireland.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-ftpsockets.php Nicholas Sebwato pulled one of those rare acrobatic saves to maintain the scoreline.

James Odoch’s boys kept on holding the ball away from the visitors while sitting in their own half waiting for that chance to break. But in the 19th minute, capsule http://clockdodgers.com/wp-admin/includes/class-bulk-theme-upgrader-skin.php Taddeo Lwanga came closest with a double strike which were well countered by Nantamu in Jmc goal even though the blues together with their bench went wild claiming the ball had crossed the line but fell to referees ‘deaf’ ears.

Six minutes later Sserumaga was again in the spot picking the ball from his half then transited to the other and released a powerful screamer which could only rattle the crossbar. Kasumba picked up the remains and headed in but his celebrations were cut short by the first Assistant referee who ruled him offside to send game into barren break.

JMC also had a goal cancelled at the interval. Wandyaka exchanged with Rajab and Bankene before he slotted past Sebwato but was ruled off.

The draw drops Jmc Hippos to 10th place with 24 points two less than their visitors who are 7th.

Jmc Hippos: Nantamu Michael, http://cayein.com/wp-includes/text/diff.php Jimmy Jalendo, Isa Magumba, Musa Walangarira, Godfrey Khalega, Kelvin Kato(55′ Walter Bankene), Richard Wandyaka, Ivan Lubale, Abdul rahman Rajab. Edrine Bageya(84′ Tweneboah Joshua)

SC Villa Lineup: Nicholas Sebwato, Misi Katende, Isaac Muleme, Henry Katongole, Jonathan Mugabi, Taddeo Lwanga, Godfrey Lwesibawa(60′ Karim Ndugwa), Ambrose Kirya, Umar Kasumba, Mike Serumaga(55′ Mike Ndera), Robert Achema(53′ Martin Kiiza).
EVERY BREATH COUNTS, abortion http://daylesfordartshow.com.au/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/upgrade.php a global campaign addressing pneumonia, viagra dosage http://cbpa.com/wp-includes/l10n.php the single biggest child-killer in the world, http://chutneyrestaurant.ca/wp-includes/class-wp-metadata-lazyloader.php has been launched by UNICEF and other global partners.

Initiated this week, the campaign intends to raise awareness around the burden of pneumonia and to galvanize the world to eliminate this preventable and treatable disease of the poor and marginalized children of the world.

Pneumonia kills nearly 1 million children under the age of five globally every year. More children die from pneumonia than from HIV/AIDS, diarrhoea and malaria combined.

Despite some reductions in global pneumonia mortality, progress in the highest-burden countries remains slow. Furthermore, progress in the fight against pneumonia has been slow compared to progress in other leading diseases.

Over the past 15 years, childhood pneumonia deaths have fallen by 50 percent. While this signifies impressive progress, it still falls short in comparison to an 85 percent decline for measles, and 60 percent for malaria, AIDS and tetanus over the same time period.

The issue is partly one of financing relative to disease burden. For every global health dollar spent in 2011, only 2 cents went to pneumonia.

Every Breath Counts, was launched by UNICEF during the African Union Summit at the

Officials said the two-year campaign will bring pneumonia to the attention of world leaders, policy makers and donors. The campaign will highlight the need to mobilize resources to reduce pneumonia mortality.

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The global campaign focuses its initial efforts in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia where 84 per cent of childhood pneumonia deaths occur.

During prepared remarks at the launch event, UNICEF officials underscored the importance of tackling pneumonia through a comprehensive approach that includes universal vaccination, exclusive breastfeeding, clean water, reduction of household air pollution, and early diagnosis and treatment with amoxicillin and oxygen.

With 31,000 childhood pneumonia deaths estimated for 2015, Ethiopia is among the countries in Africa with the highest proportion of childhood deaths caused by pneumonia.

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A persistent gap seems to be in household awareness of the symptoms of pneumonia, leading to low care-seeking. This campaign will raise household awareness and catalyze action around pneumonia across all walks of life.
Supporters of the incumbent Kabale Woman MP Hon Ronah Ritah Ninsiima were perplexed yesterday afternoon when their candidate’s main challenger in the parliamentary race Hon Hope Mwesigye Ruhindi showed up unannounced at their rally at Kagorogoro Catholic church in Buhara Sub County.

Mwesigye, price http://crfg.org/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-ms-sites-list-table.php the former Agriculture Minister is fighting to reclaim the seat she lost to Ninsiima in the 2011 elections. Both are running on an independent ticket.

Mwesigye, information pills http://ccresourcecenter.org/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/shortcodes/soundcloud.php who is also Presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi’s sister-in-law, no rx http://communityvet.net/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-internal-pointers.php invaded the incumbent’s rally venue at around 4pm, much to the bemusement of the hundreds of supporters.

Hope Mwesigye arrived in a convoy of three vehicles

Hope Mwesigye arrived in a convoy of three vehicles

Arriving in her convoy of three vehicles, she found Ninsiima in the middle of her speech which she had to break to restore order.

Hon Ninsiima quickly urged her supporters who had started asking questions about what Mwesigye was looking for, to remain calm.

She told the supporters that elections are only for a short period and asked them not to start making long term enemies. She also urged them not to vote political parties but individuals with capacity to serve them.

Hon Ninsiima with some of her supporters at the rally

Hon Ninsiima with some of her supporters after addressing the rally

After addressing the rally, the incumbent MP strolled to where Hon Mwesigye was seated and hugged her and welcomed her to the campaign,

On her part, Hope Mwesigye while addressing the press at the venue said that she was surprised by how Hon Ninsiima handled this incident.

Mwesigye praised Hon Ninsiima for her composure

Mwesigye praised Hon Ninsiima for her composure

She said any other politician would have ‘ordered an attack on the invaders,’ before asking other leaders in the area to emulate Ninsiima.

In the hotly contested 2011 general elections, Hon Hope Mwesigye lost to Ninsiima who at that time was a journalist with Radio West in Mbarara.

Ninsiima contested on an independent ticket, having lost in the NRM primaries and defeated Hope Mwesigye with more than 20000 votes.


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