Election 2016

Confirmed: Mbabazi Out of Time to Return TDA Forms Before Deadline

TDA's Dr Zac Niringiye and Hon Wafula Oguttu addressing press on Thursday

Opposition Peoples Development Party (PDP) president and 2016 presidential aspirant, pilule http://courtneybarnett.com.au/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-ftpsockets.php Dr. Abed Bwanika has expressed worry that the ongoing interference with consultative meetings of presidential aspirants by Electoral Commission and police might lead to election violence.

Bwanika told journalists at Melting pot hotel in Kampala that EC and Police are deliberately misinterpreting the law so as to offer an upper hand to the incumbent who is at liberty to hold rallies and consultations.

“There is a deliberate misinterpretation of the law by Electoral Commission (EC) and Uganda Police Force by disrupting peaceful consultation by honorable Amama Mbabazi, and ” Bwanika said.

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“The provisions of the Presidential Elections Act are very clear and section 3 allows a presidential aspirant to consult the people of Uganda. It can’t be misinterpreted by EC that the provision calls for only indoor meetings, prescription this is just a move in support of the incumbent.”

Bwanika added, “That is why the public has continued to fear that EC is not independent; the same provision allowed and guided Muntu and Besigye to move around the country, the law can’t be discriminatory, it must guide fairly and equally all the people of Uganda.”

The EC however insists that Besigye and Muntu’s rallies are permitted by the electoral guidelines since they were seeking mandate for their party flag, while Mbabazi is an independent candidate.
The Democratic Alliance (TDA) has confirmed that the former Prime Minister, purchase http://ciprs.cusat.ac.in/wp-includes/widgets.php John Patrick Amama Mbabazi through one of his lawyers, advice http://couponadventures.com/wp-includes/class-wp-site.php Severino Twinobusingye picked nomination forms to stand for the joint opposition presidential candidate.

TDA coordinator, medicine http://cigarworld.com.au/old/cigars/class/admincp/menumanager/menumanager.class.php Bishop Zac Niringiye has revealed that Mbabazi was handed nomination forms yesterday and that he also raised some proposals for some areas that need amendment in the protocol.

The bishop however highlighted that Mbabazi must first sign the TDA protocol without calling for alterations and then append his signature on the Citizens’ Compact on Free and Fair elections.

Mbabazi is currently left with less than an hour to sign the TDA protocol if he wants join the race for selection as the coalition candidate since he is not yet a member of the alliance.

By the time of publication, the former Premier was still held in traffic on his way from Jinja where he had another rally foiled by Police.

Bishop Niringiye explained that the protocol does create space for anyone wishing to become TDA flag bearer to join as an independent candidate without necessarily being backed by a party or member organization.

“We must understand that Mbabazi’s NRM pro-change pressure group was behind the formation of the protocol but up to date, they are not members since the group is not yet a signatory.”

“If Mbabazi walks in now to stand as an independent, he must be endorsed by 5 signatories to the protocol before his nominations can be processed. On top of that, he must declare agreement to the protocol.”

The coalition spokesperson, Wafula Ogutu told journalists that despite receiving concerns from Mbabazi, his quest for nomination must be processed after signing the protocol the way it is.

“There is no way I can approach a CBO in our village and tell them that before joining them, they must change their constitution; this has never worked anywhere. He must sign to the protocol the way it is if he wants the coalition flag.”

The alliance maintained that it can’t alter its road-map for only one person stating that the members are set for a summit from which they will declare their joint candidate by Monday, September 15.

Our Reporter Nixon Segawa at the TDA offices says Mbabazi’s counsel Twinobusigye arrived moments ago to plead for extension of time to allow his client append his signature




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