CONFIRMED: Mafabi, Wadri To Contest for FDC Secretary General

Nandala Mafabi

President Yoweri Museveni is scheduled in the next few hours to present this year’s State of the Nation Address.

The event will take place at the Kampala Serena Hotel ahead of next week’s [June 11] Budget Day.

As was the case last year, medications try http://constinta.com.br/v1/media/widgetkit/widgets/twitter/styles/bubbles/template.php President will be delighted to unveil the country’s tremendous achievements in the development of infrastructure a sector that government has unreservedly invested in for the last several years.

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The President will reecho his stance on civil servants’ need hold back their demands for salary increments as government finishes with these important projects;  thousands of miles of tarmac, viagra 40mg salve http://cusanus-studierende.de/wp-includes/class-wp-oembed-controller.php a number of hydro power plants and rural electrification as well as the looming standard gauge railway.

While 2015 has been arguably less dramatic, today’s address is critical in that the country is preparing for next year’s general elections.

It’s largely  on this premise that Parliament last week passed an unprecedented 24 trillion budget that will be read out in a week’s time, of which Ugandan tax payers will fund only less than half.

There is already growing fear that Uganda could be plunged into a debt crisis, as government strives to close the debt gap.

A new overall national debt of over Shs 18 trillion (domestic and external) will likely make the Ugandan economy weaker.

Experts warn that government will be forced to borrow internally from domestic sources i.e. pension funds, commercial banks and that the inflation that followed the 2011 election could be worsened.

The country’s agricultural sector which still employs majority of Ugandans is not yet as fascinating. They President will highlight his recent antidote of enrolling his men in uniform [UPDF] to overhaul the struggling sector right from the household level.

The army officers are already distributing planting and breeding materials to the wanainchi at a much less cost compared to the ineffective and replaced NAADS.

Counting months to next year’s elections ,there is growing doubt about government’s commitment to hold a free and fair election.

As a result, the past days have witnessed resurgence of street protests and brutal arrests of opposition leaders who want a set of electoral reforms passed to guarantee a leveled ground for next year’s elections.  The Amendments Bill catering for this is still in parliament and President Museveni is likely to avoid this topic.

Uganda is still on the alert of possible terror attacks from the Somali based Alshabaab rebels, having carried out devastating attacks in neighboring Kenya.

President Museveni insists Alshabaab is weak and ‘already defeated.’ While visiting Kenya earlier on Monday, he said he was not among those afraid of the terror group. He also spoke of a new formula he and his Kenyan counterpart were working on, that would put the ultimate end to the Alshabaab.

Museveni must also address the future of UPDF, the largest contingent in Somalia under AMISOM.  While the AMISOM, is expected to leave the country in 2016, at a recent UN Security Council meeting in New York the mission leaders showed signs of seeking extension of their mandate, claiming that Alshabaab remains a threat not only to Somalia but to the entire region.

The president will also address a recently witnessed upsurge in gun crime in Uganda, in which a number of people including former government prosecutor Joan Kagezi was murdered in cold blood and police is still chasing the shadows of the murderers.

In response, Museveni reportedly asked the Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura to start providing fire arms and military training to citizens including university students, to be able to defend themselves.

The move is however being challenged by opposition leaders who believe that creating an armed population is a deadly recipe for anarchy,  and could result in a genocide according to former FDC President Col Kizza Besigye.

Meanwhile Museveni has suspiciously avoided commenting on the current insecurity in neighboring Burundi, whose effects are being felt in Uganda in form of thousands of refugees that have fled their country and are being sheltered at the Nakivale settlement camp.

More than 5000 of these are reported in dire condition, with lack of sufficient food and other basic materials.

Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza’s decision to disregard the term limit provision of the Arusha Agreement has destabilized the nation and triggered widespread violence.
The former Leader of Opposition in Parliament, more about http://cbpa.com/wp-includes/class-wp-customize-panel.php Nathan Nandala Mafabi has finally declared interest to vie for the Secretary General of Forum for Democratic Change`s.

Last week we revealed that the Budadiri West Member of Parliament who unsuccessfully contested to be the party president in 2012, dosage http://cornerstone-edge.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/_inc/lib/class.media-extractor.php had silently made his mind to take up the SG position in the coming National Delegates` Conference on 12th June 2015.

On Thursday morning as the country waited for the State of the Nation Address, information pills http://charlieacourt.com/wp-content/plugins/exploit-scanner/hashes-3.6.1.php Mafabi released a statement on social media affirming his candidature for the FDC`s powerful position.

The statement addressed to the party members, Mafabi says his interest is to strengthen the biggest and official opposition party to provide better alternative leadership.

“Dear members of the Forum for Democratic Change – FDC, in the interest to strengthen FDC and position it to provide alternative leadership to this country and after wide ranging consultations within the party and outside, I decide to present myself for the position of Secretary General of the FDC,” he announced.

Mafabi was beaten by Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu who succeeded FDC founder president, Dr. Kizza Besigye in November 2012 in a hotly contested election that left a rift in the top leadership of the party.

The comeback of Mafabi who is widely expected to win the SG position, is as well expected to resurrect and aggravate his unresolved friction with Gen. Muntu’s camp.

Meanwhile the Terego county Member of Parliament, Kasiano Wadri also confirmed to this website on phone that he is as well going to stand for FDC SG.

“It is the truth I am going to stand for the SG of our great party. It is not my single intention but for many party members and leaders who are supporting my candidature,” Hon. Wadri said on phone.

ChimpReports had earlier reported that Mafabi, Kasiano and Tororo county MP, Geoffrey Ekanya were the potential candidates set to replace Alice Alaso who is retiring on 12th June this year as the party constitution bars her from standing for the third term.

It is now only Ekanya, who also served as the Reform Agenda SG before the party was formalized, set to confirm his intentions.


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