CONFESSION: MPs Received Shs1M, Sugar to Back Age Limit Bill

Hon. Akol Anthony who represents Kilak North constituency in Amuru district speaking on Thursday (Photo by Nixon Segawa / Chimpreports)

Dozens of Members of Parliament have been given Ugshs 1m and a bag of 50 kilograms of sugar each to supposedly support the contentious new amendments being referred to as the ‘Age Limit Bill’.

One of the recipients of the above gifts, viagra 40mg Hon. Akol Anthony (FDC) who represents Kilak North constituency in Amuru district voluntarily revealed to the journalists at Parliament on Thursday that he and 26 others were invited to the eastern town of Jinja where the “bribery” took place on the August 25.

Mr. Akol said that on Thursday last week, sick the same day the motion for the Bill was moved on the floor of Parliament, viagra 40mg selected MPs were invited for an impromptu “important” meeting at Crested Crane Hotel, Jinja in the morning.

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The legislator according to his narration tried to decline the invitation cautious of the traffic jam since the suspicious meeting was scheduled for 10am and he received the message at 8:30 am. The organizers whom he did not reveal however encouraged him to find his level best to attend owing to its “importance”.

On reaching the hotel at 11am, Akol found 23 National Resistance Movement MPs and 2 other opposition legislators. The meeting had been depicted as a Parliamentary Forum on Food Security but according to Akol, there was nothing related to the reluctantly mentioned topic.

“The invitation said the meeting was for the Food Security Forum but anyone would feel it was just dubious. Something being hidden was not so hidden,” Akol said.

From the Crested Crane Hotel, the MPs were ferried to an Indian hotel for both breakfast and lunch and the organizers insisted that the legislators have both meals at once. The lunch and breakfast venue was again found to be distrustfully fitted with non-security digital cameras and members kept curious about what was going on.

According to Akol, before the MPs could complete the two meals, the mover of the Bill Eng. Sekitoleko Kafeero (Nakifuma) entered the premises together with the seconder, Paul Amoro representing Dokolo County.
After gulping the two meals at once, the heavily satisfied MPs were abruptly taken to a sugar factory in Mayuge for a tour that never happened.

On reaching the unnamed sugar factory, the legislators were ushered to the boardroom where they met the board members. From the sugar factory, they were only told that there was something very important coming up and nothing about sugar or agriculture was discussed.

When it was approaching 1pm members were stunningly told that there was no time and they needed to return to Parliament for plenary session in the afternoon.
Each member was then offered the money said to be for transport refund and the bag of sugar as a gift from the factory.

The shadow (opposition) Attorney General Winfred Niwagaba who also flanked Akol in the press briefing, said the bag of the sugar and money are going to be laid on the floor of Parliament when the house resumes business on the 9th of this month.

“We have the bag of sugar and the money that was given to members to bribe them to support the Bill. We shall display and lay them on the table in the next sitting of Parliament,” Niwagaba said.


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