Confession: AIGP Kaweesi was a ‘Man of the People’

Hajjati Mwanje (in muslim veil) speaking at Kaweesi's assassination crime scene in Kulambiro on Friday afternoon

By: Giles Muhame & Kenneth Kazibwe

Residents of Kulambiro are mourning the assassination of police spokesperson, troche Felix Andrew Kaweesi, illness with many saying he was a “man of the people.”

Hajjati Aisha Mwanje told this news website that Kaweesi was not discriminative and easily mingled with locals irrespective of status.

“He was one of us, salve ” recounted a tearful Mwanje.

“Kaweesi was a responsible person and always freely interacted with us,” she added in memory of the police chief gunned down today Friday morning.

Oscar Kamwiine, also a resident of Kulambiro, expressed shock about the killing: “It shouldn’t have been him. He was down to earth and caring.”

He added: “From the way he conducted himself, you would not even think he was a senior police officer.”

Many residents said senior police commanders should have their security beefed up.

“If he had a car of escorts, the assassins would have feared to engage him or would have been taken out of action,” said Mwanje.

Kaweesi’s bodyguard and driver were seated in the front seats when gunmen opened fire at them.

But a hail of bullets struck them down in a space of seconds before the assailants took off.

Maj Mohammed Kiggundu, a senior military intelligence operative, was recently killed in similar circumstances.

The mood at the crime scene remains tense and unpredictable with security officers pouring in and residents expressing their disappointment that Kaweesi could be liked in such a manner.


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