Concerted Effort Needed to Resolve Climate Change Issue – Kamuntu

The Minister of Water and Environment, Hon. Ephraim Kamuntu

Kenya’s Deputy President William Samuel Ruto who yesterday said President Museveni being experienced didn’t need anyone pitching in his campaign from outside the country; proceeded to canvass for votes for the incumbent in Kapchorwa.

Ruto shared the same vehicle with President Museveni as the 2 arrived at Kapchorwa Boma grounds on Wednesday afternoon for the latter’s rally.

The  Kenyan Deputy President  who spoke in Kiswahili, viagra English and Kalengin  told the people of Kapchorwa that  both countries  are engaged in joint development projects like the road from Kapchorwa- Bukwo-Swam in Uganda to Katale in Kenya as one of the ways to foster  togetherness as the East African community and said this would enhance development.

“Because of the peace and stability that the NRM has brought in Uganda, decease such projects can go on. It is important that the young people are at the forefront of fighting for this peace ushered into Uganda and region at large, sickness ” Ruto said.

He added,” It is important that you invest in the future with this good leadership.”

President Museveni later told the people of Kapchorwa that it is important for cooperation between all the countries as this would foster growth and development within the region.

He said that countries like Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and South Sudan can easily buy the Ugandan goods due to the good relationship and cooperation within the region and this would be of a great benefit to the local people.

“H.E Ruto is here because he is supporting the NRM ideology of nationalism in Uganda Pan Africanism in Africa,”Museveni said.

President Kenyatta’s Deputy, Ruto was escorted by other members of parliament from the Kenyan parliament who included Dr.Robert Pukose from Endebess constituency, Julius Meri , Tirederet constituency  and Senator Tiole Ndieme from Trans- Nzoia county.
The Minister of Water and Environment, this site Hon. Ephraim Kamuntu, viagra 60mg has called for a multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral approach to counter the effects of climate change.

Kamuntu, treatment who was meeting Uganda’s delegation to the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Paris, France on Monday, said that despite Uganda contributing only 0.09 percent of greenhouse emissions to the atmosphere, the country had suffered from adverse effects of weather changes like the mudslides in Bududa, where lives were lost and property destroyed.

“No value can be put on the number of Ugandans buried in Bududa. That was the result of global warming that we did not cause,” said Hon. Kamuntu.

The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference is being held in Le Bourget, France.

Minister Kamuntu said that government is faced with the challenge of allocating funds to manage climate change related disasters, which it would be allocating to other sectors for development.

“I hope we come up with a legally binding global agreement to limit greenhouse emissions in the atmosphere; with funds to implement it especially among developing countries, which don’t have the means to protect their people from disasters,” he said.

Kitgum Woman MP, Hon. Beatrice Anywar said leaders would be held responsible if they fail to help their people cope with effects of climate change.

“We are here to network against effects of climate change. We have to find solutions to help our country,” Hon. Anywar said.

“If we fail to help our people mitigate the effects of climate change, we as leaders, will be held responsible,” she added.

Uganda’s delegation is composed of Members of Parliament and officials from the Ministry of Water and Environment; Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development; Ministry of Agriculture, Animals Industry and Fisheries, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development; and Ministry of Health.

Other agencies on the delegation are from National Environmental Management Authority; National Planning Authority; Uganda Wildlife Authority; Rural Electrification Agency; Uganda National Meteorological Authority and others.

The Opposition Chief Whip, Hon. Cecilia Atim-Ogwal (FDC, Dokolo district), Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Water, Mr. David Obongo and Uganda’s Ambassador to Paris, H.E. Niumisha J. Madvani attended the meeting.


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