College Principles Demand Vehicles From Government

At the event, Pupils of Ntungamo primary school arrived in this double cabin pick up.

By Ronald Agaba Bills 

On the 25th April, medical 2015 a sizeable number of amazing young people, information pills from top bloggers to lawyers, bankers, scientists, University students, journalists, private sector members among other diverse professional backgrounds will sit down in the same room for a networking breakfast at an upscale city restaurant, Piato on Lumumba Avenue next to the French embassy in what is dubbed, #OurGenerationOurConversation.

The theme of this event is “seizing opportunities in the pearl”.

It’s common knowledge that Uganda is a country for young people. 70 percent of the entire population is below 30 years, according to UBOS figures of the last national census.

Now, with the country preparing for 2016 general elections, any gathering is treated as suspect towards organizing for elections.

As part of the organizers, we have not been spared; I have received numerous calls, people seeking to find out whether this is yet another gathering to declare a sole youthful candidate.

We have become a country so obsessed with politics that we hardly have any other time for the most pressing issues in and around us.

Away from these offside groups, this event is significant in many ways than I can describe in a single blog or article. So what then is this event about?

According to the organizers, this is the flagship breakfast, in a series of annual events, where the youth in Diaspora will be flying in to engage and compare notes with their peers at home.

Specific topics to run the gamut: Technology, entrepreneurship, business/job opportunities, diaspora to mention but a few.

An initiative so noble but also a telling sign that the youth have a vision of maximizing their demographic dividend to contribute towards the growth and development of their country.

Right from the face value one is impressed the lineup key note speakers.

Eng. Brian Kwesiga, President of Ugandans in North America Association (UNAA).

For many observers, this is one of the most organized and biggest, Diaspora associations. However for this event, Brian is a perfect fit for completely another reason -He is the youngest president in the history of such an important organ. A privileged position for him to share on, Opportunities and challenges in the Diaspora for a young Ugandan.

The other speaker is Tony Okao Otoa, Public affairs and national content leader at Total E& P company-Uganda.

Tony will speak about opportunities in various economic sectors for young people, but with his professional work in the Oil sector (few young people know what is taking place in the Albertan region) and a leg of interest in agriculture, as an enterprise. I can only wait with fondest expectations.

Dear reader, the current generation of professionals below 40 in Uganda is the most educated, travelled and tech-savvy. By them starting to build synergies of this nature, you get a sense of hope that Uganda is poised to reap from the talents of her passionate generation.

Other than a session that will be most captivating for those who will make it dubbed #OpenSession, where inspiration stories of success will be shared, this breakfast is also unique in many other ways; Participants are catering for their welfare.

It is a stark contrast for those who had vulgarized this generation as being entitled and always demanding rather than contributing. The other unique point is that invitations for participation are purely done through use of social media. A tall order for those who discount the impact of this new age.

No one is naïve enough to assume that a post on Facebook or a tweet is enough to bring about change, but I have seen successful social media- campaigns spearheaded by young people.

A foundation called 40/40 led by a one Ester kalenzi boasts of collecting over 100mshs towards helping vulnerable children through online platforms. The latest, campaign #SaveRosemary, an NTV campaign to save its former news anchor, who unfortunately succumbed to cancer, can only attribute its success to social media.

Therefore, this kind of respectful conversation may well lay a ground for a full and open airing of ideas, facts, figures and opinions for the common good.

I’m very optimistic going forward therefore, that, when our young people take forward this new digital networking and translate it into face-to-face conversations like this upcoming breakfast then you can say options are open that the repeated echo of those ideas in the months and years to follow- voiced in conversations within much smaller groups will lead to action and produce meaningful solutions to some of our most troubling generational and national problems.

Ronald Agaba Bills is an Author /Team leader at ARB Leadership consult.

Twitter; Billsra

The writer is MP Aspirant for western region youth
Uganda Technical College principals have asked government to buy buses for colleges to solve the problem of transportation which puts students’ lives at risk.

The principals under their Umbrella body, viagra dosage Principals Association Forum forwarded their request to the commissioner of physical education in the Ministry of Education, there Sports Science and Technology during the opening ceremony for the ongoing 2nd edition National Intercollegiate Tertiary Institution games that started on Tuesday at Uganda Technical College, Kahaya the hosts of the games in Bushenyi district.

While speaking at the ceremony, The Chairperson Principals Association Forum, Mr. Moses Twesigomwe, who is the principal of Uganda Technical College, Kicwamba said that colleges don’t have efficient means of transport like buses to move their students to different functions across the country.

“Our students travel on lorries, pickup trucks, tippers and sometimes in public buses for those who can manage; which is a profound challenge most especially when it comes to participating in inter-collegiate and tertiary events. We want government through the ministry of education to give us means of transport like it has done for the midwifery and nursing institutions,” he said

Due to continuous cases of road accidents involving students using lorries and trucks for transport, the government barred transportation of students on trucks and encouraged schools to purchase buses.

This Twosigomwe says has become a challenge to many schools which cannot afford purchasing buses that cost more than Shs 300 million.

Because of the same reason, schools from hard to reach areas have failed to participate in regional and national competitions.

The ongoing inter collegiate games and sports competitions in Bushenyi will run from 12-18th April 2015.

The event attracted 870 participants from 15 Colleges including National Teachers Colleges, Colleges of Commerce and Uganda Technical Colleges across the country competing in outdoor and indoor sports and games according to the host principal of Uganda Technical College, Bushenyi Mr. Silver Mukwatsibwe



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