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Col Samson Mande Goes Missing

Col Samson Mande says he will accept to return home but not when compelled to support the NRM government

In 1995, pilule http://cccnt.com.au/wp-content/plugins/the-events-calendar/src/tribe/templates.php Colonel Samson Mande, visit http://crewftlbr.org/wp-admin/includes/class-plugin-upgrader-skin.php a battle-hardened combatant and commander in the NRA, try http://cmccommoditytransport.com/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/spellchecker/classes/utils/json.php was arrested by military police.

It was alleged Mande was quietly planning a rebellion against the young government of president Museveni.

For about five years, Mande was in and out of jail fighting back on a range of criminal cases including alleged embezzlement of $2m at the Uganda Embassy in Tanzania and supplying arms to Uganda National Democratic Alliance rebel commander, Herbert Itongwa.

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In 2001, Mande escaped to Rwanda.

He was accused of running the People’s Redemption Army, a guerrilla outfit based in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Mande would later flee to Sweden where he has lived since then.

However, news filtered in this past weekend that Mande had left Sweden to Tanzania.

Sources told ChimpReports that security has been investigating reports that Mande has been residing in Tanzania where he has many friends.

“Somehow we were informed that Mande disappeared in Tanzania late November,” said a knowledgeable source

“And his wife later travelled to Uganda.”

Mande, who usually talks to ChimpReports, was unavailable for comment when we contacted him on Monday.

Security chiefs we talked to also denied knowledge about Mande’s moves.

Chief of Military Intelligence, Brigadier Charles Bakahumura said he was not aware about Mande’s alleged trip.

Asked whether Mande was in Kampala, Bakahumura responded: “I have no idea.”

Bakahumura, who facilitated the return of dissident Lt Col Anthony Kyakabale, added: “Any information about his whereabouts is appreciated.”

Mande has on several occasions hinted on his desire and plans to return to Uganda once shown a green light by the regime.

He recently told this website about his readiness to hold talks with government as soon as he returned home but that he would not be compelled to join the ruling system.

He said he doesn’t want to follow in the footsteps of his former colleague in the PRA, Lt Col Kyakabale who was pardoned by the President in March, 2015.

“I am willing to discuss any matter with the government as long as they don’t force me to join NRMO as Kyakabale,” stated Mande.

“I am not jobless here so I am not under economic duress like Kyakabale was. I have my own projects and property in Uganda so I need no government job or help,” he added.

“I want to come and offer solutions or be part of the ongoing struggle for the political social economic challenges my motherland is going through.”


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