Col Bantariza Acquitted Of Fraud

Col Bantariza celebrates with his lawyer Frank Kanduho

The Police spokesperson Fred Enanga has revealed how a suspected   Al Shabaab militant who tried to carry out an attack similar to one on Garissa College, pilule pharmacy entered Busitema University in Eastern Uganda.

In an interview with ChimpReports, sales Enanga explained that the suspected terrorist wanted to lure a student [names withheld] to help the insurgents access the university.

“According to the student, a one Abdul Karim of Somali origin called him on Friday (April 10) before asking him to facilitate his sneaking into the university without the detection of the authorities.

In fact he promised to give him any amount of money that he wished if his plans had gone through,” Enanga explained.

The police publicist however noted that the student immediately alerted security operatives in the area who commenced investigations into the matter.

“It seems the boy was timid but it would be good if he had accepted and then alerted police in a bid to lay a trap and arrest the suspect,” Enanga urged.

”We are however tracking down the phone number that the suspect was using in a bid to identify and arrest him.”

Al Shabaab terrorists recently killed 147 students at Garissa University College in North Eastern Kenya.

The militants attacked the hostels in which the students were residing at 5:00am before slaughtering them in cold blood.

According to Enanga, operations meant to track all suspected terrorists are ongoing throughout the country. He further urged the citizens to always report any suspected terror related incident to authorities on top of being vigilant.

“We have divided our teams throughout the country in a bid to look for any suspected terrorist because we know they operate in such a way that they have one top leader but with other groups under him spread in many areas.”

“The teams are looking out for background information about the suspects so far arrested in a bid to get better leads that will lead to more arrests,” Enanga noted.
Makindye military court has acquitted former National leadership institute director Col Shaban Bantariza of the fraud charges due to lack of evidence proving the same.

Col Bantariza was held last year and accused of diverting over Shs 60 million and deceiving that he used it to purchase a tractor for the institute.

Court chairman Maj. Gen. Levi Karuhanga ruled that prosecution led Maj. Fredrick Kangwamu failed to prove that the said tractor was a donation from the Ministry of Finance

Karuhanga also ruled that prosecution failed to bring a single witness from the ministry or Akamba Uganda limited to prove whether the tractor was a donation or not.

Court further ruled that defense led by Frank Kanduho adduced enough evidence to prove that the said tractor was indeed purchased and is at the institute

After the acquittal Bantariza declared that he has forgiven all those who planned for his dismissal from Kayankwanzi.

“I have forgiven all those individuals behind this plot to bring down my name; they did it in hiding behind the names of the state, unhealthy ” said Bantariza.


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