Cleric Accuses Museveni of Double Standards

Former Kampala Bishop Zac Niringiye has appealed to the citizenship to join the push for electoral reforms saying, hospital this is the remaining chance to stress their rights as citizens.

The vocal civil society activist said on Wednesday; “The constitution amendment that has been tabled in Parliament shows that we have a government that despises its people.”

He went ahead to highlight the failed health and education systems as evidence of a government that doesn’t care. “If USAID withdrew from our health system, there’s no doubt it would collapse”.

Asked whether the actors in the push for these reforms expect the President to comply, this web he responded, “We had no illusions that President Museveni would cooperate on electoral reforms”.

Bishop Niringiye added that the President has been consistent on stressing how insignificant elections are because he did not come to power through a ballot. The activist also expressed less optimism in parliament’s will to support their cause.

He however emphasized that even with an adamant parliament; citizens have the power to get what they want because parliament belongs to the people.

“The campaign for electoral reforms is among the biggest campaigns Uganda has had including Black Monday and the campaign to restore presidential term limits,” noted Niringiye during a television talk show.

Basing on history, Niringiye held that Uganda is left with choices of descending back to violence, or pressing more for these reforms to be put in place.

“The Electoral Commission lacks the internal capacity to carry out free and fair elections” he said and went ahead to question the moral conscience of the EC officials.

On various encounters with Badru Kiggundu he said he has repeatedly asked him to have a clear conscience and resign his jobs.

“Even in the NRM, we have citizen leaders who have come out against the wrongs and supported reforms”

He quoted former Premier Amama Mbabazi as being among those few and also called on religious leaders to “come forth to speak on behalf of the citizens”.


Outspoken Kitanga parish priest in Kabale diocese Rev. Fr. Gaetano Batanyenda has accused President Museveni of practicing double standards on the issue of salaries for civil servants.

Fr. Batanyenda, thumb The Chairperson of the Inter –Religious Council for Kigezi Region who also doubles as the chairperson for Kick Corruption out of Kigezi [KICK]; an anti-Corruption organization,  accused the president of creating excuses to block workers’ salary increment under the pretext of focusing on infrastructural development.

The man of God also angrily reacted to the allegedly hatched plot by legislators to have their wages enhanced by 40%.

Fr. Gaetano said if pay raise amongst government workers was to be halted; it should cut across the board.

“It seems the President is afraid of the MPs and cares less about the most important civil servants; our teachers our health workers… He knows that these don’t have much clout on influencing elections; that’s why he doesn’t want to listen to them”

While speaking last week at this year’s Labor Day celebrations in Kisoro, President Museveni advised that government ought not to rush to increase workers’ salaries as this would affect development of infrastructure, a more important sector.

He asked government workers to hang on a little longer as government finishes the grand projects like standard gauge railway, tarmacking roads, and extending electricity across the country.

Fr. Batanyenda however, while speaking to Chimpreports insisted that resources are available to have these two worked on concurrently.

This money he said is instead being wasted in creation of more constituencies and municipalities, that are likely to see the number of legislators in parliament shoot to 411 come 2016. All this he says in favor of the ruling government and president Yoweri Museveni.



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