Clash as Priests Lock Maj Guma Out of Church

Police was today called in at a Catholic Parish in Ishongororo, this http://celebrationhopecenter.org/wp-includes/class-wp-admin-bar.php Ibanda district, medications http://csautomation.net/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/checkout/form-coupon.php to separate supporters of the area Member of Parliament Maj. Guma Gumisiriza and those of his opponent in last year’s elections Xavier Kyoma who erupted in a brawl during the Sunday service.

The fist fight started after MP Gumisiriza was blocked by church leaders and Christians from entering their church, accusing him of slander.

The priests say that the MP used abusive language against them during his election campaigns that launched him back into parliament last February.

They claim that the legislator labeled them hypocrites and divisive, which they weren’t.

During today’s service in the morning, when they heard that Maj Guma had arrived for prayers at the church, the priests closed the doors and windows, locking him outside.

The MP was then surrounded by Kyoma’s supporters who attempted to grab him, compelling his supporters to jump in, sparking a physical clash.

Police hurried at the church and dispersed the rowdy crowd before whisking the MP away back to his residence.

Earlier last month, Maj Guma had started a foreign funded program to build class rooms, toilets and construct water sources for schools in his constituency, but this program was rejected by all catholic founded schools, which said they needn’t his help.

The clash at the Ishongoro Catholic Church today, which was steered by one Fr Batarungaya took place in the presence of the Mbarara Archbishop Paul K Bakyenga, who was visiting the church to preside over a confirmation function.


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