Civil Society Want Gov’t Institutions to Publicize their Budget Information

Secretary to the Treasury Keith Muhakanizi speaking while
representatives of various civil society (R) including CSBAG's Julius
Mukunda listen on Tuesday

Civil society organization have warned that while government has released funds for the first quarter of the 2016/17 financial year, here they risk being wasted since most government Ministries and agencies
lack strategic plans. Quoting the National Planning Authority (NPA) compliance assessment report for FY 2015/16 they say out of the 17 sectors assessed, viagra only 8 have sector development plans and only 3 sectors have plans aligned to the national development agenda.

During the official release of first quarter budgetary funds by the Ministry of Finance on Tuesday, pilule the National Coordinator of Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group (CSBAG) Julius Mukunda said; “Failure to have strategic plans by MDAs is unacceptable as it will lead to wastage of public resources.”

He added; “We recommend that funds should not be released to an Accounting Officer who has no strategic pLan and whose strategic is not aligned to NDP II”

The other flaw highlighted was failure of display of budget information at service delivery centers which civil society players say impedes budget monitoring. Furthermore, they raise concern over supplementary budgeting which continues to affect budget implementation.

On the issue of corruption, Mukunda said government hasn’t taken up deliberate efforts to crack the whip on individuals who misuse government resources.

“The degree of hemorrhage due to theft and shoddy work is likely to undermine the objectives of benefitting from infrastructure through increased competitiveness and creation of jobs. The UNRA probe report is very disappointing.”

Keith Muhakanizi, the Secretary to the Treasury while responding to the issues promised to direct all local governments and other service points to display their budget information.

“While we tackle the issue of corruption, we must also address the issue of inefficiency and poor supervision. Why are we paying school and health inspectors, CAOs, Head teachers, DEOs if they are not doing their supervisory role?” Muhakanizi stated.

Nevertheless, civil society applauded government for improvement made in availing funds to different government institutions on time. They further acknowledged the increase in funding to some critical sectors such as agriculture, education, health, social development, water and environment.


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