Civil Society Commends EC’s Successful Voters’ Update Exercise

Zurich police have confirmed they were responding to a bomb alert at the venue where Fifa is hosting its widely-watched annual congress, thumb amid a massive corruption scandal rocking world football’s governing body.

Zurich police spokeswoman Brigitte Vogt confirmed to that a bomb alert had been received at the venue, reports AFP.

“The police are there, ” she said, refusing to provide further details.

FIFA President Sepp Blatter giving opening remarks earlier today

FIFA President Sepp Blatter giving opening remarks earlier today

More media houses are reporting that Hellenstadion, the site of the 65th FIFA Congress, has been evacuated following the bomb alert.

FIFA were slated to commence their presidential electionsin the next two hours at the Congress. Only two nominees are running for the position, the four-time President Joseph Blatter and FIFA Vice President for Asia Prince Ali bin Hussein of Jordan.

The football governing body is going through a corruption scandal, as several of its senior officials have been arrested on a US federal corruption warrant Wednesday.



Citizens Watch-IT Uganda (CEW-IT) has commended the Electoral Commission (EC) for successfully conducting and concluding the National Voter Registration and update exercise which has increased the chances of Ugandans to choose a leader of their choice.

CEW-IT Programmes Officer, drugs Celestin Mugisha told journalists in Kampala that according to a crowd sourcing survey conducted to keenly observe the update exercise, abortion the findings indicated that the exercise was successful and yielded recommendable results.

“From the reports received from the crowd of 23, prescription 000 citizens’ telephone numbers, the update exercise went on well and afforded most voters an opportunity to cross-check and update their details and hence a chance to vote,” Mugisha revealed.

Mugisha said that the exercise has also been a good step in the right direction towards having a clean national voters’ register hence advising citizens to turn up in big numbers during the display exercise to ensure all their particulars have been correctly captured and all eligible voters are on the register.

Mugisha told journalists that the survey which was conducted from April 27 to May 11 was to assess the level of compliance of EC with the law regarding the update exercise, the level of citizen participation, the way and manner in which EC was handling the citizen’s queries and supporting them to ensure their correct particulars are captured on the register.

“This was done to ensure the update of National Voters Register (NVR) was transparent, fair and just to the citizens in line with national and international best practices.”

Mugisha however called upon EC to put in place an online version of the update and registration form so that citizens can access and fill it online to avoid long queues and make it easy for working persons to check their details without necessarily having to travel to the voting areas.

“This would reduce on the cases encountered of people ticking names of their relatives and friends and also give an opportunity to those across the country to check their details as well.”

Below are the findings to the observation

From the reports received from the crowd, the update of the National Voters Register went on rather well but with notable observations. These observations include:

There was fairly high turn up of the voters at update centers to cross-check and update their details although most of them turned up towards the end of the exercise;

The EC deployed update teams in all parishes but some of them were ill-equipped with update materials and biometric kits and this inconvenienced a number of voters who found it difficult to check and update their details.

Whereas the update teams were required to be on duty full day during all days of up-date, reports from several districts indicated that there was a high degree of absenteeism and or early retirement hence denying voters chance to update their details.

The EC also appeared not well prepared to conduct the exercise for instance it couldn’t run a voter education media campaign throughout the exercise and didn’t keenly supervise the update officials hence the absenteeism.

The delay by the EC to accredit independent observers denied the nation an independent view about the conduct of the update of the NVR and left a bad taste in many a mouth about the free and fairness of the exercise; a citizenry agency is emerging in Uganda that is able to observe and report on exercises of national importance such as the update of the National Voters Register;

The EC was applauded for the two extensions of the update exercise which gave citizens another chance to update their details on the NVR.




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