Citizens Sue Works Minister Over Vehicle Inspection

Following a government directive requiring all motor vehicles to be inspected annually as one of the means to curb on the accident rate blamed on vehicles in poor mechanical conditions, ed four concerned citizens have petitioned High Court-Civil division seeking orders to prosecute Works Minister Eng. Monica Azuba Ntege together with her  permanent Secretary Waiswa Bageya before the Anti-corruption court for allegedly conniving with a Swiss -based company to rob Ugandans through this “ illegal” compulsory  Motor -vehicle inspections.

The petitioners led by Aaron Izimba are also seek orders to permanently block this forceful  motor vehicle inspection and the  immediate cancellation of a contract signed between the Works and Transport Ministry on behalf of government and  Societe Generale De Surveillance (SGS) company  in September this year.

These contend that the government already has a motor vehicle inspection project run by the Uganda Police Inspector of Vehicles at Naguru, side effects Jinja, ask Mbarara and Mbale under the Traffic and Road Safety Act and therefore this is a  deliberate move to rob Ugandans of over 200 billion shillings paid for inspection services  to enrich an individual company.

The plaintiffs also sued the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) for neglecting its mandatory duty of collecting taxes on behalf of the public and leaving its power to be taken by a private company.

They now seek court to declare this inspection   project as illegal and order the Works ministry to take serious measures to mitigate causes of road accidents such as drunkenness, untrained drivers and marking of black spots.

High court registrar has not yet summoned Minister Azuba and Waisswa to file their response to the above matter.


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