Citizen Sues Parliament Over New Cars


A concerned citizen has rushed to the Constitutional Court to challenge the recently announced procurement of new cars for the members of the 10th Parliament from the consolidated fund.

The petitioner Sanywa Twaha, case a resident of Kawoto Kajjansi in his petition says that if court does not restrain parliament from implementing this suggestion, tax payers stand a risk of losing huge amounts of money.

Sanywa contends that this act is unlawful as it shows differential treatment among the three arms government and reduces the level of wealth available to general public thereby affecting social and economic standards of living.

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He adds that Mps receive monthly salary, mileage allowances per kilometer, extra constituency mileage, town running per kilometer and amenities that includes housing, transport, medical, domestic servant and secretarial services which they can use to buy themselves cars.

Sanywa says that Parliament should not be more privileged than other arms of the government like judiciary where officers have to leave behind the vehicles on expiry of their term in office

He further points out that Parliament as other arms of government like Judiciary and Executive,  can acquire vehicles by public procurement to facilitate their duties pursuant to Public Procurement  and Disposal of Public assets law .

Sanywa wants court to declare that using consolidated funds to buy cars for MPs is discriminatory and unconstitutional.

Earlier this week Parliament promised by October, to give all 427 Members of Parliament 150million shillings each for buying vehicles which totals to 64billion shillings.


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