NGO Donates To Mbarara Inmates

Pastor Emmanuel Ayebare handing over a cow to inmates and their warder, at Kakiika prison

The former Coordinator of Intelligence Organs, for sale medications Gen David Sejusa is currently meeting DP Leaders at their offices in Kampala, seek Chimp Corps report.

The agenda is unknown to us.

However, Sejusa’s visit comes just a month after Democratic Party President Norbert Mao met the former spymaster at the latter’s city home in Naguru for a discussion on matters concerning Uganda’s politics.

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According to Mao, the 5-hour meeting organized by DP Deputy National youth leader who also doubles as Sejusa’s spokesperson, Moses Bigirwa, was used to discuss the consolidation of the struggle for freedom and building of adequate capacity and necessity for that.

“The fact that he was away for a long time, I wanted to brief him on what was happening on the ground for all that time and as well trying to know what was happening in the Diaspora where he had been and the outcomes were positive,” Mao explained to ChimpReports then.

He further said the two leaders agreed to hold other similar meetings in a bid to push forward what was discussed in the February 1 meeting at the residence of the former coordinator of intelligence organs.

“My assessment was that Sejusa is a key factor in the politics of this country and he knows a lot. The opposition must therefore stop doing business as usual but learn new things in a new way if we are to achieve anything tangible,” Mao noted.

On the possibility of the former exiled spymaster joining the Democratic Party in the near future, Mao said, “That was not a subject of discussion and it’s like the Pope meeting Sheikhs in the Middle East. It’s not meant to turn them into Catholics but his aim is bringing peace in the region.”

“There are common things that we both want but not him joining DP. In fact we share similar aspirations,” the Democratic Party President added.

After spending almost two years in exile following an dossier he authored in which he alleged that all army officers and ministers opposed to the Muhoozi project would be terminated, the former spy chief returned to Uganda in December before announcing desire to join active politics.

However, addressing journalists recently, opposition group 4GC, said they were sceptical of Sejusa, adding that there were many unanswered questions before they could work with him.


“His return was shrouded in mystery. There are reports that government negotiated the return and went further to foot the bills. He has neither come out to refute the allegations,” JEEMA’A Asuman Basalirwa told journalists at a press conference in Kampala in December.

According to the JEEMA President, Sejusa is still a serving soldier directly controlled by the UPDF code of ethics which can’t allow the former spy master join partisan politics.

“By the time he left he was the coordinator of intelligence organs, we want him to first retire from the army and he fully joins politics before we can fully associate with him. He has to draw a clear line before we can work together.”
Over 400 inmates of Kakiika government prison in Mbarara were all smiles after receiving foodstuffs and other items including; a cow, more about rice, more about one hundred blankets, treat clipper and televisions in a belated Easter philanthropy drive. The items were donated to the prison Parental Care Ministries, a faith based NGO on Monday.

The prison Officers welcomed the complimentary gesture from Parental Care, and asked for more support, in addition to the evangelical activities mostly by Pastor Emmanuel Ayebare, of Kakiika Pentecostal Life Church.

Pastor Ayebare who represented the director Parental Care Ministries Mr. Nnyanzi Emmanuel, while handing over the items said the church did this in a spirit of brotherliness and to express solidarity with the inmates.

The Parental Care Communications Officer Mr. Nomax Mugisha told Chimpreports that they had babies’ homes, orphanages, special needs schools and health facilities.

‘’We are calling on other NGOs to do all in their power to complement on what the government gives, but also rendering help like getting lawyers for some of the inmates who do not have legal representatives. ’’Nomax Mugisha said.



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