Christians Call for Ban on Words; ‘Defiance,’ ‘Resistance ‘

As the year comes to a close, viagra order Born –Again Pentecostal Christians in the country have sounded a call for a complete ban on certain extreme words that have for years shaped the country’s political arena.

The Christians under the Born Again Faith, about it in their new year message today, called for a stoppage on the use of two words “Defiance,” and Resistance” in Uganda’s politics.

In their message delivered by Dr. Joseph Serwadda, the Presiding Apostle of the Born Again Faith in Uganda, the Christians said these two words should be “stopped and expunged from our vocabulary.”

Defiance is in reference to the Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC)’s Defiance Campaign which was declared ahead of last February’s general elections in which supporters were called to defy any efforts by government to rig the polls in its favor.

The campaign morphed later after the election, into a call for Ugandans to frustrate government by withholding all sociopolitical and financial support to it.

The campaign architect Col Dr Kizza Besigye once appealed, “If for instance we all close our shops, and force everyone to stop bringing goods to Kampala; if you see someone carrying bananas to Kampala you stop him and order him to go back; government will have no taxes; it will have nothing to run on and it will soon be down on its knees.”

Resistance on the other hand is in reference to the ruling party the National Resistance Movement (NRM), whose “resistance” struggle dates back in the 1960s, against what it called “the pseudo-ideology of sectarianism of religion and tribe, gender chauvinism”

The Movement founders led by current President Yoweri Museveni in the early 1980s waged a war though the National Resistance Army, which ended in success in 1986, propelling them to power to this day.

NRM sympathizers and other critics have often attacked FDC’s Defiance Campaign, as destructive in its entirety to the country’s overall social economic progress.

FDC in their defense however, say that their campaign is not malicious in nature but only intended to rid the country of the “current dictatorial regime.”

FDC’s spokesperson Semujju Nganda says that Defiance in fact is no different from Resistance, and questions why the regime has dedicated a lot of resources to fighting it.

While addressing press today at Namboole Stadium, Dr Serwadda said both terms should be banned for good as the New Year comes in.

“We are praying that the use of these words and others like them becomes the thing of the past, so that our people can start afresh and live a better life they deserve,” he said.

The Dr suggested that these words could be replaced with such words as Development and Progress “to denote a pacifist and focused national agenda.”


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