Chief Justice Preaches Integrity to Mbarara Students

Chief Justice Bart Katureebe addressing BSU students yesterday

Chief Justice Bart Katureebe has asked law studying students at Bishop Stuart University to help kick bribery and corruption out of the judicial arm of government and the country as a whole.

While students get to learn the practice of law in class, diagnosis the Chief Justice said they must inculcate amongst themselves the good values of ethics and avoid greed.

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all, information pills ” he cautioned.

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Katureebe made the call on Thursday while laying a foundation stone to the construction of the Faculty of Law at the University.

The Chief Justice expressed concern that most evil including corruption in Uganda today is fueled and practiced by people who have been to school.

“I cannot say that am the most truthful person but I have tried to live as honestly as I can; If you have moral integrity and transparency believe me the world cannot intimidate you, sale ” Katureebe said

He asked the students and Ugandans to always pay attention to accountability.

“How does your child come home with a new shirt and as a parent you don’t ask where he has got it from,” he wondered.

Meanwhile, Katureebe urged the public to put more trust in the judiciary even when they don’t get the results they want from the system.

“If someone is not happy with a court, remember you can still appeal it in a higher court.”



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