Chief Justice Impostors Confessed, Says Police Officer

The investigating officer in the case where two people are accused of defrauding Shumuk Company Executive Director Mukesh Shukla of $120, information pills 000, today appeared and testified against the suspects.

In the case, Bob Nabaasa and Martin Matovu are said to have approached Mukesh claiming to have been sent by the Chief Justice Bart Katureebe and defrauded him of the money.

Prosecution also alleges that the duo and others at large on December 4, 2015 in Kampala forged a letter allegedly from State House and was purportedly signed by Baryayanga Williams, the head of Protocol Department at State House in Entebbe.

Police investigator Ibrahim Atuhura, now attached to Kampala CPS told court presided over by trial chief magistrate James Eremye that before the arrest of the accused persons by the State House personnel at Shumuk offices in Nakawa, police was also looking for them on forgery related charges.

He said one of the suspects Nabaasa recorded a statement at CPS where he confessed that he extorted money from Shumuk using Chief Justice Bart Katureebe’s name and that on the day of arrest he had gone to collect more money.

“Later I showed him a photo of a man who used to call himself Humphrey Katureebe, son of the Chief Justice and he confirmed that he knew him,” Atuhura added.

Later on, he said, another suspect Saleh Luzinda was arrested and brought to CPS where he also confessed to receiving money from Shumuk in the same deal with his colleagues.

The Officer presented in court receipts from Shumuk Shukla dated 12 November 2015, indicating that on that date, Martin Matovu received 7000 US Dollars while Bob Nabaasa obtained 8 million shillings from Shumuk.

“I got these receipts from Shumuk Cashier who informed me that he also gave these people 12500 US Dollars which they never signed for.”

The officer says he proceeded to the Chief Justice and showed him letters which purportedly originated from his office and he denied them.

“I showed the C.J two letters one dated 3rd November 2015 and another 11 November 2015 and he informed me that they headed paper was not from his office; denied the signatures and to prove this he signed for me two specimen signatures adding that he had only one signature which
was different from that on the documents I brought”

The magistrate adjourned the further hearing of the matter to 24th January when the 5th Prosecution witness will be cross examined by the defense counsel Frank Kanduho.


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