CHAN: Tanzania Return Leg Moved to Nakivubo

Rwanda Intelligence Chief Karenzi Karake has been given bail by a United Kingdom court but under very harsh conditions.

Karake, buy who was arrested last Saturday after an official duty in London, visit was told to stay at the residence of the Rwanda High Commissioner in UK.

He was also told to pay one million pounds for surety and report to police on a daily basis.

Chimpreports understands that the Rwanda High Commission wrote to the court undertaking to pay the 1 million pounds as surety.

Karenzi Karake’s case commenced Thursday after President Paul Kagame slammed his arrest on a Spanish-issued warrant as “absolute arrogance and contempt”.

The hearing sought to determine whether Karake, who is known as “KK”, should remain in custody and set a date for extradition hearings to begin.

Karake was represented by lawyer Mark Summers who denied claims that he is a rogue general, saying the army officer is “highly respected” member of the armed forces.

Summers said the Spanish prosecution seeks to criminalize the entire RPF leadership. The defense lawyer further said the prosecution was spearheaded by forces linked to the 1994 Rwanda genocide.

A Spanish lawyer Aaron Watkins however argued that it would be a big risk for Karake to leave the country.

On his part, Karenzi promised to honour the conditions of the Westminster Court.

Cherie Blair, the wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who is involved in charity initiatives in Rwanda, was also present.

Yesterday, a judge at Spain’s National Court “made a formal request” for Britain to hand over the suspect, a judicial source said.

Scores of Rwandans gathered outside Westminster Magistrates Court in London to denounce the arrest.

They carried placards which criticized the Spanish regime for siding with genocidaires and harassing liberators who stopped the genocide.

“We want them to free KK. His detention is unfair, he actually stopped the genocide,” said Mutesi, a 24-year-old Rwandan woman taking part.

“I don’t think that he is guilty at all. This is a political case,” she said, as demonstrators carried placards reading: “Stop Humiliating Africa” and “UK, USA, Stand against Spanish Indictments”.

Earlier the Rwandan government has condemned the detention of Karake, who has been head of the intelligence service since 2011, branding it an “outrage”.

Hundreds of protesters marched on the British embassy in the Rwandan capital Kigali on Wednesday demanding Karake’s release.

Describing Karake as a “freedom fighter” Kagame accused European countries of racism and seeking to humiliate Rwanda — and other Africans — in order to veil their own complicity in the 1994 genocide.

“They want to mask their responsibility by saying it’s not us, it is savages of Africa who killed each other,” he said.

Kagame questioned the right of Britain to act on the Spanish indictment, which accuses Karake of mass ethnic killings of Hutus in the wake of the 1994 genocide.

“What right does this country have to arrest him in this manner? None of them have any basis other than absolute arrogance,” he said.

European Arrest Warrants are valid throughout the European Union, requiring member states to arrest and extradite suspects to the issuing country.
The former Leader of Government business in Parliament, buy information pills Amama Mbabazi has been strangely removed from the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee of Parliament that is handling the sensitive electoral reforms bill.

On Wednesday evening, Government Chief Whip, Ruth Nankabirwa who is mandated by the Rule 175 of the Rules of Procedures of Parliament to designate National Resistance Movement party Members of Parliament, stood and made the announcement which takes immediate effect.

Nankabirwa told Parliament that she had removed Mbabazi from Legal and Parliamentary Affairs and taken to the East African Affairs Committee.

“As per the rule 175 of our (Parliamentary) Rules of Parliament, I hereby designate the Member of Parliament for Kinkiizi West, Hon. Amama Mbabazi to the East African Affairs Committee,” Nakabirwa said.

Mbabazi was designated to the committee when he was dropped as Premier in September 2014, and replaced Justine Kasule Lumumba who is now the National Resistance Movement party Secretary General as well.

Strangely, the same Lumumba is once again replacing Mbabazi on the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee. Other new members on the critical committee include firebrands Richard Todwong [Lumumbas’ Deputy on the NRM Secretariat] and Kenneth Omona.

The Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee is scrutinizing the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2015 that is largely referred to as the Electoral Reforms bill, because it caters for the highly topical reforms in the country’s electoral law.

Cause of Mbabazi`s Trouble

According to inside sources, Mbabazi`s woes started on 14th May 2015 when he surprisingly entered the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee and joined the opposition leaders including former Forum for Democratic Change party former president, Dr. Kizza Besigye and Gen Mugisha Muntu while they tabled their proposed additives to the new electoral law.

“His appearance was not taken lightly. We could not publicize this given the important business (Constitutional Amendment Bill 2015) the committee is handling. Something was bound to happen and it just did,” a source who asked not to be named since he is not allowed to speak to press said.

Mbabazi recently declared his interest to stand for president in 2016 and together with his team are currently in a legal gymnastics with the NRM, Police and the Electoral Commission in the interpretation of the presidential election`s law.

The same legal argument is expected to migrate to the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee debate on the electoral reforms and NRM might have thought it wiser to make the first move by plucking Mbabazi out of the committee.

When contacted on phone on Thursday, the NRM Caucus spokesman, Denis Hamson Obua said there was no motive in removing Mbabazi from Legal to East African Affairs committee and that the latter being a senior politician can give expertise views on regional issues.

“There is totally nothing strange with changing our members to different committees and the Rules of Procedure gives all Whips including that of NRM powers to designate and withdraw members. Hon. Mbabazi is a senior leader and we are expecting him to give more expertise views on regional matters.” Obua said.



Federation of Uganda Football Associations, ailment Fufa, sale has announced that the return leg of the Chan qualifier clash between the Uganda Cranes and Taifa Stars will be hosted at the Nakivuubo stadium on Saturday 4th July 2015 from 4 PM.

“We have already notified Confederation of African Football Association and The Tanzania Football Federation. The change has been confirmed and relevant stakeholders informed. The IMOC will definitely come up with a programme for the match to be hosted at a new venue (Nakivuubo), more about ” Fufa spokesman Ahmed Hussein communicated.

Erisa Sekisambu’s brace and a late penalty by Farouk Miya from the first tie in Zanzibar ensured the Cranes head into the second leg with a three goal advantage but however the head coach Micho thinks the game is still far from over.

“The match is not yet finished after 3-0! You cannot say you have won the match when you are three goals up in the first half.” Micho said.

The aggregate winner of the tie will face Sudan in the final qualifying stages for a slot in the 2016 CHAN finals to be held in Rwanda. Chan is a bi-annual event meant for players in their respective local leagues.


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