Celebrities Participate In 13th Kwita Izina

Actress Patience Ozokwor named a baby gorilla from the Agashya family “Inkeshya”
Actress Patience Ozokwor named a baby gorilla from the Agashya family “Inkeshya”

A number of celebrities took part in this year‘s Kwita Izina, an annual ceremony held to give names to baby gorillas in Rwanda. A total of 19 babies were given names at the event.

Hundreds of people gathered for this year’s Kwita Izinawhich was held in the country’s northern Kinigi District under the theme; “Conservation is Life.”

According to the Chief Executive Officer of the Rwanda Development Board, Clare Akamanzi, naming baby mountain gorillas is considered a great honor.

“Those to give names are carefully chosen to include individuals both foreign and local, and that has made a great contribution to conservation efforts both in Rwanda and the world,” she said.

Akamanzi revealed that so far 216 mountain gorillas have been named at the annual event, including three sets of twins; since the inaugural Kwita Izina 12 years ago.

Some of the celebrities that took part in the gorilla naming this year include Howard Buffet, Chairman of the Howard G. Buffet Foundation who named a male baby gorilla “Umutwara,” and Nollywood actress Patience Ozokwor, who named a baby from the Agashya family “Inkeshya” to mean mountain gorillas are stars.

Howard Buffet

Howard Buffet

Others included Graham Ledger, the Managing Director Singita Kwitonda who named a gorilla “Muhoza” meaning consolation.

Laurent Lamothe, the former Prime Minister of Haiti named one baby “Ikoranabuhanga.”

Andrew Muir, CEO Wilderness Foundation Africa named one baby “Ubudasa” translated Unique.

Chloe Bello named a gorilla baby “Iyamarere” meaning courageous.

Local artist  Ben Mugisha named his “Uruyange” meaning shiny flowers.

Artist Ben Mugisha

Artist Ben Mugisha

Veronica Vareko, a famous model and conservationist named hers “Ubwiza” translated as beauty.

Dr Laetitia, the Principal University of Rwanda CAVM named an adult female “Iriba” translated to mean water source.

Grey Bakunzi, the CEO Amahoro Tours named his “Temberu Rwanda” encouraging people to visit and explore.

Gisa Gakwisi the youngster who made a model of the Radisson Kigali KCC out of clay named his “Urungano” meaning generation.

Jean Kayihura a representative from Gishati community named his “Mudahinyuka” meaning someone truthful and reliable.

Fischer from the University of Koblenz –Landau in Germany named a baby “Isuku” recognizing the cleanliness in Rwanda.


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