CECAFA W: Rwanda Picks Positives After Elimination

Nibagwire Sifa scores second goal against Ethiopia.

Rwanda left the women’s CECAFA cup without a single point despite displaying one of the best games so far losing to both Tanzania and Ethiopia 3-2 on match day one and two respectively.

Their coach Marie Nyinawumuntu says they are not ashamed of the results and believes the country can use the tournament experience to build up a formidable team for the future assignments.

“We thank Ethiopia and Tanzania for giving us a good test. Now we have lost two games and that automatically sends us out of the tournament, order ” He said.

He adds that, “It has been a good tournament so far and we’re happy because we learnt more than we have lost. At least we know the level of football of our women and can now go back and adjust our preparations as we have now discovered what we are missing.”

Group B, unlike A, had only three teams Rwanda, Ethiopia and Tanzania translating to two games per team but the coach makes no excuse for playing lesser games.

“Those who have qualified also played two and they both qualified after their first games though we would love more teams to participate so that the competition’s flavour can increase.”

The soft spoken coach lauds the organizers for the championship and says its one of the ways the region can build up and compete against the rest of Africa and world just like the men’s games.

Rwanda’s GS Gimera won the East Africa school games in the girl’s section and one would expect the Rwandans to present a good challenge especially adding the fact that most of them play together even at AS Kigali the country’s strongest women team in the topflight but coach has a different view.

“I can say this is one of the problems we are facing as a country, only one team dominates the league because of weak competition and that doesn’t really help us in identifying the grey areas for improvement. It’s also the same with the schools.”


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