Catholic Church Disowns Arua Rioting Christians

New Arua Diocese Bishop, Sabino Ocan Odoki greets new priests

The Catholic Church leadership has disowned its members in Arua district who have been involved in violent riots with the police and the army.

Arua diocese headquarters has been the scene of ferocious activities since the demise of former Bishop, ambulance Rt. Rev. Frederick Drandua on Friday last week.

The angry Christians who are against the new Bishop, cialis 40mg Sabino Ocan Odoki forcefully took charge of the diocesan headquarters to allegedly guard the body of the former Bishop and also evict the new clergy.

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ChimpReports understands that 20 people have been arrested in the circumstances and security still deploying more personnel to quell the situation.

The Uganda Episcopal Conference which is the secretariat of the Catholic Church in Uganda released a statement last evening saying it has been following the developments.

“The Catholic Bishops of Uganda have been following with keen interest what has been happening in Arua Diocese since the appointment of Bishop Sabino Ocan Odoki, and more recently, after the death of Rt. Rev. Frederick Drandua, the Bishop Emeritus of Arua,” part of the statement says.

The Catholic institution also disassociated itself from the actions of the irritated church goers.

“The violent reaction to these events is not consistent with the Church’s true image. The Bishops therefore disassociate themselves from such violent behavior in the name of the Catholic Church.”

This website is also aware that a number of priests are against the new bishop and are behind the mobilization of Christians to achieve their goals.

Most of the priests are from West Nile and want their own to take the position. The new bishop Odoki is from Acholi.


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