Carol Donates Excess Cash to Cancer Institute as Ugandans Raise 324m for Surgery

Carol Atuhirwe arrives at All Saints today for  the Thanksgiving service

The family of Cancer patient Carol Atuhirwe this morning held a thanksgiving service at All Saints Church in Kampala, visit web to show gratitude to Ugandans who raised funds for her surgery.

Carol’s hopes to regain her normal life were illuminated over the past few weeks, buy after well-wishers raised more than sufficient funds needed for the operation on her throat in the United States.

Through the Save Carol Campaign which started in Kampala and spread to other parts of the country, ask Ugandans have been able to collect up to Shs. 324,603,399. This was raised through a number of activities that included majorly car wash drives and sale of T shirts and other items; as well as individual, corporate and organizational contributions.

According to Muhereza Kyamutetera who has been in charge of this campaign, the raised funds are well in excess of that which was required for the operation, which which include reconstruction of her throat.

Kyamutetera revealed that the patient advised that the excess money be donated to the Uganda Cancer Institute.

“This is Shs54 million above our estimated need of Shs270 million,” he said. “We are now in final consultations with doctors on the final treatment and travel details as well as final costs. All remaining funds, Atuhirwe Carol has advised be given to Uganda Cancer Institute,” he said.



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