Cancer Threatening Generations in Uganda

Robert Ssebunya says government must do more to save the nation from the cancer threat

Ugandans have today joined the rest of Christians all over the world to celebrate Easter Sunday which marks the commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Archbishop Stanley Ntagali said Easter is “not a day for wearing new clothes and eating meat but renewing our spiritual strength to continue serving the Lord.”

He said, about it “God raised Jesus from the dead so that you can have the reassurance that your sins are forgiven, treatment and your destiny is with God forever. Please do not let this Easter pass without Jesus changing your life.”

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Ntagali advised politicians who are preparing for the 2015 general elections to avoid inciting violence as one of the ways of maintaining peace and stability in Uganda.

“We will soon enter the season of campaigns and elections. Remember we have come a long way as a country in our more than 52 years of independence. I urge all of us to take our democratic process seriously and more importantly peacefully, price ” added Ntagali in his Easter Message to Ugandans.

Ntagali advised the youth to emulate the holy life of Jesus Christ by putting God first in their endeavours.

“Avoid drunkenness, smoking, drugs and sexual immorality which lead to sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS. Our country needs you strong and active,” he warned.

Ugandans celebrating Easter

Ugandans in different parts of the country have shared with ChimpReports their plans of celebrating Easter.

Ntambi Yofesi, a taxi Driver in Kampala said he understands Easter as a day for the resurrection of Jesus Christ but quickly adds there was not much transport activity from which to make good financial gain.

Blessy Agnes, an upcoming musician observed that this season enables musicians make money from entertainment.

“After the church service, I will head home for lunch with family before going out to entertain my fans,” Blessy told Chimp Corp Michael Nteza today.

Martin Rukundo, a resident of Katwe, noted: “I celebrate Easter because Jesus Christ died for our sins to set us free. I will spend my Easter Sunday worshipping and praising the Almighty God for the wonders he has done for us.

Steven Magera, a photo editor along Wilson Street, says this is the season during which they receive an overwhelming number of orders for photo editing.
The Presidential advisor on Buganda Affairs, approved Robert Ssebunya has urged government to come up with a special budget to equip medical facilities to boost efforts in combating cancer, a silent killer disease wreaking havoc in the country.

Addressing mourners who gathered at the UBC compound this week to pay their last respects to veteran television news anchor, Francis Bbale, Ssebunya said cancer is becoming endemic and many remain unaware of their condition until it’s too late.

Bbale, a known chain smoker, succumbed to cancer on Thursday morning at Uganda Cancer Institute.

“Sending our children to India is not the solution, the Uganda Cancer and Heart Institute needs only to be fully facilitated to bring the services closer to Ugandans,” said Ssebunya.

He added: “Even when you go to India there are several medical experts who abandon Uganda because of the poor work conditions and are the one handling Ugandans travelling to India.”

With good pay and better facilities all these doctors can be urged to return because foreign medical trips are expensive, said Ssebunya.

Research shows that in developing nations like Uganda, cancer is stigmatized to the point that families often lie about their loved one’s cause of death.

Cancer is a disease that develops when normal body cells change and begin to grow in an abnormal and uncontrolled way. In some types of cancer the uncontrolled growth causes a lump/swelling.

In other types of cancer a large number of abnormal cells results for example in blood cancer called leukaemia.

According to Dr. Joyce Balagadde, Head of Research and Training directorate, 60 percent of cancer types are infection related.

These include cervical cancer in women that is caused by the human papilloma virus and cacosy sarcoma among others.

“These can be cured if detected earlier and treatment taken accordingly,” said Dr. Balagadde who also doubles as the Head of Paediatrics Oncology at the institute.

East Africa Legislative Assembly MP Hon Mike Sebalu said Bbale lived a very impactful life and that a trust fund should be created to support cancer victims.

“With the launch of the Bbale Francis Cancer Fund, the media should rally support for the construction of the ultra-modern cancer ward at Nsambya hospital during the Cancer Run in September this year so we can bridge the gap and stop the loss of lives to cancer,” Sebalu advised.

According to Hon Sebalu, his effort to chair the fundraising campaign to build the ultra-modern cancer ward at Nsambya is a testimony of how many useful lives including that of great people like Bbale could have been saved if the system was moving as planned.


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