Cancer Kills Prominent Biochemist Prof William Isharaza

Prof Isharaza is dead

By Moses Nkesiga

Prof. William Isharaza has Monday morning succumbed to cancer at Case Clinic in Kampala, order Chimp Corps report.

The respectable science researcher and distinguished academic was among the finest chemists the country has produced in recent history.

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He was the head of Biochemistry Department at Mbarara University of Science and Technology.

Prof Isharaza will be remembered for developing the herbal molluscide from the plant Phytolacca Dodecandra (omuhoko) which is used to kill liver-fluke-harbouring snails that flourish in cattle-wearing wells and infect the animals.

Omuhoko was developed into an appropriate formulation for use in cattle-watering dams that has the added advantage of killing Bilharzia-carrying snails.

Experts have since confirmed Omuhoko to be a highly effective and environmental friendly molluscide.

Processing the molluscide from Phytolacca dodecandra is uncomplicated. Mature but unripe berries of the plant are harvested, carefully dried and milled into powder.

The powder is soaked in water for only 12 hours after which the extract is used a molluscide.

It is applied in predetermined amounts to give a final concentration range of 15-20 parts per million in water dams and ponds infested with snails thus eventually killing them.

Isharaza said then the molluscide was effective in controlling snails that transmit Bilharzia, larvae of anopheles mosquitoes which transmit malaria and vectors, river blindness and other unexplored applications.

The 67-year-old scientist was born in Igara but remained a popular and influential figure in the world of science. He regularly visited Kashaka, Kashari and Mbarara.

Isharaza studied from Mbarara High School and Kings College Budo.


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