Call The President: Mbarara Chairman Advises Locals Facing Eviction

Residents who are facing eviction in a meeting

Over 1000 families are on the verge of being thrown out of their homes after their land was acquired by a local tycoon under unclear circumstances.

Emmanuel Mugume, side effects son to Peter Bibagamba is said to have procured land titles of over 100 contested plots of land belonging to locals in 5 cells in Mbarara municipality.

The cells are Kiboona, viagra dosage Rwentondo, Nyakahanga, Kitooma and Bugashe all in Bugashe ward, Nyakayojo Division in Mbarara Municipality.

Some of the locals learnt about the development when they went to pick their titles from the District Land’s Offices, only to find the land registered in the names of Mugume.

The residents in an urgent meeting yesterday appealed to government to intervene before they “became refugees in their own country.”

“We have gone to different local leaders but they have not helped,” Justine Maganzya a daughter to late Maj. Enock Maganzya said.

In response however, the Nyakayojo division chairperson, Jomo Mugabe asked the residents to write to President Museveni and inform him about their situation.

The chairman told off the locals in the meeting that seeking legal redress would be a waste of time and advised them to reach out directly to the President.

On the other hand the Mbarara district land’s officer Godleaf Nayebare advised the
locals to jointly put a caveat on the said land title to stop Peter Mugume from either selling or developing it.

The RDC Mbarara Capt. Martha Asiimwe reassured the locals that the law protects them on their land and no one is free to evict them.

It was still futile to reach Peter Mugume the said land owner who never attended the meeting held yesterday at Bugashe ward headquarters.


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