Cabinet Approves Tourism Policy

Opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye’s personal driver, unhealthy Fred Kato has been charged with reckless driving, click Chimp Corps report.

Kato appeared before Buganda Road Court Magistrate Mary Kaitetsi where prosecution read out charges against him.

Prosecution alleges Kato on Wednesday drove recklessly while chauffeuring Dr Besigye as he played cat and mouse games with police in downtown Kampala thus endangering the lives of other road users.

Besigye was violently arrested yesterday after announcing a fresh civil campaign to fight for the implementation of the electoral reforms ahead of the 2016 polls.

He claims the playing field is tilted in favour of the incumbent President Museveni.

While Besigye was released from police cells on medical grounds, Kato was kept in detention until today afternoon.

FDC Women League boss, Ingrid Turinawe bore surety for Kato to obtain bail. She paid cash deposit of Shs400, 000.

Besigye today denounced police’s violent arrest, saying “the campaign for reforms will continue.”

Government says it has put in place all structures needed for the conducting of free and fair elections.
Cabinet has approved the Uganda Tourism Policy, adiposity 2015 which is aimed at enhancing competitiveness of Uganda as a tourism destiny.

Speaking to journalists at the Office of the Prime Minister in Kampala, the Minister of Information and National Guidance, Jim K. Muhwezi revealed that the policy will refocus the sector to effectively contribute to national socio-economic transformation and achievement of the National Vision 2040.

The Minister explained that the tourism sector is currently guided by the National Tourism Policy (2003) approved by Cabinet which was envisaged to guide the sector for only tens that elapsed  two years back.

“It is over ten years since this Policy was formulated and this lapse of time necessitates refocusing and positioning of the sector to meet changing global tourism dynamics,” Muhwezi emphasized.

The Minister noted that the policy will also provide for effective regulation of the industry in order to guarantee quality and acceptable standards necessary for development of the tourism sector.

“The policy will go further to streamline institutional roles and functioning in order to avoid overlap of mandate and duplication of roles in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness of Government interventions.”

Uganda ranks among the top ten most bio-diverse countries globally. The country is host to 53.9% (377 individuals) of the World’s remaining population of mountain gorillas, 11% (1,063 species) of the World’s recorded species of birds, 7.8% (345 species) of the global mammal diversity.

Because of the country’s diverse natural and cultural heritage, the number of foreign and domestic visitors has been increasing over time. Tourism in Uganda has grown rapidly from 205,000 foreign visits recorded in 2001 to 1.2 million visitors in 2012.

The industry is projected to earn over USD 12 billion by 2040 for the country. Tourism is expected to play a major role in the economy as a major contributor to GDP and employment by 2040.





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