Byabashaija Bans Transportation of Prisoners by Private Vehicles

The Commissioner General of Prisons Service, viagra 100mg Johnson Byabashaija has banned the transportation of prisoners for labor by use of private vehicles.

This follows a fatal accident that happened last week which left four prisoners and a prison officer dead in Fort portal.

Byabashaija said while appearing before the defense committee of Parliament on Tuesday that he regretted the loss of lives, which he said was a result of the violation of guidelines of transporting prisoners for Labor.

“The transportation of Prisoners, we have really done it wrongly and I must apologize; prisoners for labour must be transported in vehicles which are licensed to do that,” Byabashaija said.

“These include; OTV, Private motor-omni bus, PSV; those are vehicles licensed to transport workers and human beings apart from our own vehicles,” Byabashaija emphasized.

“I have now banned anybody transporting prisoners in a private vehicle that is not licensed and I will take appropriate action against any person who violates this including my officers.”

“You cannot avoid accidents but safety first, our mission is safety, security and humane first of all; safety was compromised and I apologize for that but I will not allow it to happen again.”


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